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Nysidra's Evolution
Well, Nysidra *woke up* and had something to say...

I don't expect many ... Okay, I expect One person to understand what I'm about to babble about.

Nysidra has an organization chart of sorts now. 1 = top

1. Nysidra: The entire system that is Nysidra

2. Oani: The 6 main elemental spirits within Nysidra: Ymnyzy, Atraya, Extreje, Ishili, Oktodo, & Ustufu

3. Sidra: (Sidra used to refer to the Oani) A Sidra is one of the 36 sub-elements of Nysidra. Which would now be refered to as, one of the 36 Sidra of Nysidra. Sidras will have names beyond their concept, symbol, or sound. i.e. Silence is the concept behind the Symbol, it's not the "name" of the Sidra. I will give them names.

4. Lijen(n): Lijens are a tier of 36 accomplished Sorlus. Lijens exist in multiples of 36. Hence, the first Lijen would be refered to as Lijen(1). Lijen(0) = Sidra.

5. Sorlus: Sor(1)lu(2)
1: zy,za,ze,zi,zo, or zu - denoting the Oani the Sorlu studies under.
2: i, o, a, e - denoting the gender or non-gender
Example: Sorzalui Kate is a female practioner of Sidrany under Oani Atraya.
English: Sorceress of Air

Sorzalui - Sorceress of Air
Sorzaluo - Sorcerer of Air
Sorzalua - Sorcerer/ess of Air (androgynous)/either
Sorzalue - Sorcerer/ess of Air (dimorphous) /both

Subject to change after I contemplate the idea I just had...
(Shouldn't the Sorlu's title reflect the Sidra and not the Oani?)

A Sorlu practices Sidrany.

Idea to contemplate: Lijen's get created at a particular period of time. Whomever is the best of each gets accepted. Or should a Lijen get created when a certain proficiency is reached by one under each Sidra?

Any Paseb other than a Niralen may become a Sorlu.
Niralens may communicate with all members of a Lijen.
All other Pasebs can only communicate with a Lijen under his/her Oani.

If you can pronouce Japanese, you can figure out how I'm saying these conglamerations of letters.

Needless to say: It's all subject to change.

Note to self: Write down, double check Nysidra's associations. Name the Sidra. Sidra names DO NOT have to begin with their sound, but it must contain it.
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