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Nysidra. Gems.
When I created Nysidra I picked the corresponding Gems & Minerals without very much knowledge on the subject.

I spent the past few months enhancing my knowledge of the science and the lore of gemstones and minerals. I've created concept maps that show me that within the Tourmaline group is the colorful gem Elbaite which contains a variation called Watermelon, Indocolite, Verdelite, and Rubellite. That's one such chart over about 7 large sketch pad pages.

I have a 170+ page document that has all scientific and superstitious data on every stone I could gather.
Links of note: International Colored Gemstone Association, Gems and Gem Materials, Rocks and Minerals dictionary, and best of all the Mineral Gallery

After compiling all science and not-science info together in Copy. Paste. Save. fashion, I waded through it and removed duplicate information. I alphabetized the list. I discovered aliases for the stones. I learned how each mineral was connected. The silicates, the phosphates, the tourmalines, the garnets.

Metamorphic Alamandine contains mostly magnesium. Igneous Pyrope contains more iron. Both appear pink to red to reddish black and both fall under the Garnet group of minerals. Pyrope + alamandine mixes go by the name Rhodolite.

You get the point.

End game:
I'm going through the 'better known' and 'most likely to own' gems and thinking, "Which symbol within Nysidra best matches this stone?"

Yes. I already have my reverse impressions stored. I haven't looked at them, on purpose, in many months. I want to base my descision on the scientific composition of the stone and the traditional lore of the stone. I collected the 'lore' from about 10 websites and 4 books. I might scream if I read another stone's properties are "healing, protection, love, spiritual insight, wealth, and peace."

Yeah. That and about 50 other rocks. I utterly ignore any reference to those words now. I look out for really odd things like - Emerald has an overwhelming reference to 'long lasting love' and empathy. Tiger's eye to willpower and self confidence. Sapphire to hiding, sheilding, and avoiding troubles. And which stones are formed by volcanic activity versus compression within the ground.

After I have selected my 'best fits,' I will compare my current list with my past list. I'll pick a primary stone for the symbol and maybe one or two secondaries. I prefer stones I can hopefully own one day. So, while mercury (Cinnabar) may work in theory, I would rather not have a peice of it in my possession.

So goes my evening, and quite possibly, the rest of the weekend.

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You have been working on this so diligently! I was impressed with your early work on this, but it's becoming even more remarkable.

Really fascinating to see your development of this system. I have to say I'm very glad to have seen what you have done with this so far, and that I think it's really amazing what you have done.

Thank you very much.
I truly appreciate your comment.

It sounds like you have done quite a bit of heavy lifting in terms or research on the subject of the symbolism and associations of gemstones. I'm impressed. May I suggest that you consider processing this and writing a small book to be published either online or in paper form? It sounds like something that would have a fairly wide appeal.

The gemstones or all the other association in Nysidra as well? (Times, Number, Events, Places, Sound, object, body parts... ad nauseum) *laughs*

My compilation on the gemstones alone has been requested. When I'm finished, I might entertain cleaning it up enough to host on my website.

I also have a similar compilation on Herbs & Oils that even predates Nysidra. It's a cross reference on what the herbs/essential oil is known to heal, and what ailments / afflitions have been treated with which herb/oil. That document is one huge cluster bomb. I have to search it using find. It's only 20% organized.

Would you like a copy of the document I have, as is?

(Deleted comment)
Sent. If you have any problems with the format, just let me know. I can convert it or somesuch if you need it.

No trouble at all.

Got it. Thanks for sending.

I'm quite fascinated with gemstones and their properties (which is a big reason why I work at a bead store and make jewelry!) and I find it quite interesting that you are including this type of research in your development of Nysidra.
One of my favorite books on gems and their lore is titled "Love Is In The Earth" written by Melody. Have you read it?

No, I don't believe I have read that one. ^_^

Would you like a copy of what I have, as is?

oh, yes, that would be most delightful, thank you!

Sent. If you have any problems with the format, just let me know. ^_^

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