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Garden Girl
[EDIT: Post no longer valid as this person seems to have dropped the idea.]

vodou_chile has turned me on to Patricia Moreno, the "Garden Girl."

She's starting a series of "how to" shows on urban sustainable agriculture techniques.

This is one of her promotional movies, a five minute show sample.
Addendum: This is her blog.

As for why I haven't touched the backyard myself, Joe and I are in disagreement about the need for a sprinkler system. I don't think one is needed. He thinks it is necessary and nothing should be done until one is put in. So I've let that be an excuse to do nothing.

My "fantasy" would be to get rid of every shred of grass and replace it with a walkway surrounded by pockets of plants and ponds. A patch of grass would be okay. A whole yard full. No.

I'm pretty sure I could make it happen if allowed to work autonomously.

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===Oh, very nice...(snags link)

I made a feed for it gardengirltv

Thanks so for the link!

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