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Dancing shoes & dancing hair
I really want to go dancing this weekend... in public... with a DJ. Problem is, and has been, I don't have dancing shoes. I've worn the soles off my boots, and it's summer anyway. I need different shoes. Plus, I've wanted to go running, but I don't have those kind of shoes either.

I need a shoe I can dance in and works well with high-hem lines. (I like dancing in a skirt. I would wear more of my skirts if I had shoes to wear with them. )

I have a list of shoes that fit. Cute dancing / cross training selections. The two brands I'm looking at are Sketchers and RYKÄ. Depends on what's in the mall when I get there. (Internet pre-shopping. Glorious.)
There is one by Nike that's buy on sight.
A sample of the others ones I liked:

But... depends on what's actually there when I go look. *sigh*

Oh, and that I never know what to do with my hair when I go out. I'm going to fix that too. (Not a fully formed plan. Pictures when I figure it out.) I have an idea... but having ideas and finding ways to bring them into being can prove quite disparate.

Well... at least I have dancing clothes. *laughs*

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I saw that Skecher mary jane on someone the other day and I really like it. I need a pair of walking-around sneakers and I was thinking of getting that pair.

Don't expect them to be suitable for running, though- get yourself a good cross-trainer or running shoe for that. Fashion sneakers don't have the sort of shock absorption that a real exercise shoe has.

Actually, I did end up buying 2 crosstrainers, white and neutral.

Yay for joint safety!

And what shoes did you get for dancing? :)

*chuckles* Those were for dancing! ^_^

They are low cut... I guess that's the right word. Good for moving around and stuff. When I looked under the definition of crosstraining it included the vigors of dancing.

See the new post. I found pictures of what I bought. (Nothing like what I pre-shopped for! lol)

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