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The Mental Status Report
*whimper* Me go dancing now, yes, pitty peese?

Friday: Puts a bunch of beads in the shopping cart (highlights: lapis lazuli, malachite, garnet, quartz, rutilated quartz, snowflake obsidian...)
*Bianca. Don't buy those beads.*
Saturday: Please?
Sunday: Please?
Monday: Please?!

... stay tuned. She's gotta give some day.

Are they sure all I need to study for this test (CSDP) is the SWEBOK and this study guide? *concern*

I'm going to cruise comedians until I pinpoint what/who I find funny. I know I like laughing, but most popular comedians only manage to make me scowl in severe "totally not amused" aloofness.

The material most popular comedians rely on to tell jokes? LAME! Rant over before I even start it.

If I find my list of funny people, I'll come back with a list.

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I keep meaning to watch more Bill Hicks. He's very popular with "our" crowd, particularly for his Rollercoaster of Life metaphor/story.

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