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A few notes
Twitter - no good reason at all, just seems the place for one liners

Lineage 2 - I'm playing again. Free even! I missed that game so much. You just don't know. Playing on a private server is so peaceful, so serene. *warm fuzzies*

Facebook - I deleted that a few days back. I got tired of seeing the ninja advertisements.


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And you didn't order a ninja?

given the same challenge with the ninja/pirate/vampire/warewolves, I banned the applications.

and i just joined facebook from the pull of my sister of course. She is the cool one now. told her of LJ but she hasnt said much.

I was there because of Darius, Amanda, and Christina, but they never updated much. I figured it'd be easier just picking up the phone to keep in touch. I'm really adverse to how commercial that place is.

Hrm... sorta like LJ is trying to be.

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