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Nysidra cards
I have been at work recreating the Nysidra deck - as it needed for years now.

I have the first 6 of 36 completed. Linked for your oogling pleasure.
The 'main' update page will be here: Nysidra Deck 3.0

The link adverse can see the images under the cut.

This version is *significantly* less busy than the first version. I try to go for a single nice image and let my memory do the rest. Also, this will keep this version from becoming obsolete if / when I tweak Nysidra's associations.

Next update when I finish the next 6.

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this are gorgeous.

would you be willing to share a bit of background on how you came up with the glyphs and what they mean..and how this represents the complete universe to you?

i am totally fascinated! :)

That's a long answer... *giggles* I'll answer in a post. Need a better answer to this since I get asked it a bunch.

While I'm writing it up, this is my "old answer"

How I came up with the glyphs though... that's never been asked or answered. ^_^

A really long answer....


Okay, maybe it's not a long answer. *laughs*

When I created Nysidra, each concept had a single "English" word that described it. I removed those words when I realized that people would get hung up on that single word. "It's more than that!"

When I had the concepts I wanted to sigilized, I had a legal pad and started sketching them out. Like I said in that bit I linked to you - I've only ever changed 1 symbol, and that was very early on.

For the 6 I have above:

Jurwa, originally called Change, brought to mind an ever evolving state. I drew an S curve with arrows at each end. Jurwa is most like the "death" card is a tarot deck. Sudden change, rebirth. Like a volcanic eruption, starting everything anew. Circle of life stuff.

Panyu, originally Illusion. I immediately thought about the symbol for a streak on a mirror, and drew that. Because mirrors, illusions, all that fit to me.

Byte, originally Technology, with a lightning strike touching down. I think of technology and innovation as happening quickly, needing to constantly evolve or be left behind. Byte is changing for the more efficient, useful.

Shilza, originally Deception, I thought about math, dividing and multiplying specifically. Hiding things by making them seem lesser or greater than actuality. So, division to the left, multiplication to the right. Just a neat symbol for what lies, evasion, and conspiracy is about.

Kofwa / Chaos was easy. I thought about "a butterfly flaps its wings in X and a hurricane spawns in Y." So I drew a stick figure hurricane. ^_^ Chaos is the ability for a tiny spark to spawn something greater.

Ylia / Silence represented extreme self peace and calm. Circle, being union, and the cross in the center being the meeting of all parts of the self. It's probably a bit like the Nysidra symbol viewed from just one corner.

The glyphs were by far the very easiest thing about creating Nysidra. It's was like I already knew immediately what each one needed to be. They just happened.

As for "how this represents the complete universe" I first started with listing every "facet" of my life. Single words that would capture memories, events, decisions. Then I mapped those to the element combinations. I worked hard not to leave anything out. I constantly thought back on my life and asked, "so what's that?" I thought about things I wanted to do in the future. It worked out pretty spiffy.

I even learn "new things" about the symbols as I think about what "they really mean." Kinda weird, since I did make it up, but I ... can find new meaning to it still.

The best. BEST. thing about Nysidra is the strict adherence to my one rule: No black. No white.

That's where the English words got me. "Deception" isn't bad, "Innocence" isn't about childhood. They *can* be, but that was just in error. Each symbol is a neutral state, capable of causing a beneficial or detrimental outcome. All things in moderation, even moderation.

K, so, when I post the next 6, I'll include a blurb about what I was thinking when I created the glyph. ^_^

(There are also "mudras" (hand symbols) for them too!)

Edited at 2007-12-13 04:36 pm (UTC)

OOOhhh. :: sniff :: Talent!

I especially like Jurwa 14.


Curious, I'd like to learn more. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

ask me questions and I will answer. ^_^


YEARS of "work" for this little? Can you even draw or paint? These have no trace of originality. Blech.


No babe. I can't draw or paint. This is just a collage. I'm not going to develop a skill I don't need.

Nysidra is years of work, not the cards.

Appreciate the criticism, but you haven't said anything I don't know.

Nothing but love.

Gee, you're so much of a coward you couldn't bear to share your name along with your supposed "criticism"?

Very weak.

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