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Fun times ahead
Reading different stuff...

I found this poll called, "What are your favorite campfire singalong songs?"

There are at least 20 options. I selected to view the results just to see the type of stuff I might be expected to know if I ever say to people, "I can play acoustic guitar."

I guess it's kind of bad when the only song I, personally, know how to sing is Friends in Low Places, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and You'll Never Walk Alone (only because I learned that one in my voice / piano classes).

I can hack the chorus of Brown Eyed Girl. Thank you college.

I'm pretty sure I've heard Folsom Prison Blues and Margaritaville before, in the background somewhere. If I heard the song I'd be like, "Oh yeah, that." Actually, probably a lot, but I don't know them by name.

Anyway, this should be fun. Seeing as how I don't any guitarists by name or any "tried and true" guitar songs. \m/ ^_^ \m/

...thinks she recognizes "Keep On the Sunny Side" but her brain is screaming, No you don't! Stop!...

However, I am filled with warm fuzzies with faced with a mountain of information I do not know. 'Cuz I will, just give me a sec.

Afterthought: People who are closest to me are most guilty of this, so I'm going to head it off at the pass.
"Don't worry about..."
It's never, ever worrying. When learning something, especially teaching yourself, you have to first figure out, "what don't I know?" You can't (I can't) figure out a teaching plan if you don't know what you don't know. All I'm doing is illuminating myself to all my options, scales, chords, patterns, notations, standards... so that I can more wisely choose what to focus on and what to hold off.
Just saying, for those that love to tell me not to worry.

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oooh! please let us know the results of your studies. here's the chords to "keep on the sunnyside", to get you started. it is my bipolar lullaby.

also fun is john denver's "country roads",%20John%20-%20Take%20Me%20Home%20Country%20Roads.htm

happy trails, bianca!

"O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU soundtrack (2000)"
That's how I've heard that song. ^_^ The little girls on the stage!

Yeah, I'm a bit off from "playing" any thing with chords at the moment. I can play single note songs like Ode to Joy and... stuff I'll be adding when I get Ode to Joy down.

But! I just learned what power chords were. *laughs* Although, I think I'm going to keep my practice sessions to learning major and minor chords and melodies.

Power chords are 'easy' so I won't need much time with those anyway.

got any good websites on power chords? i haven't learned how to do those yet & find them not easy! link trade!

There's a link on his site why i love power chords. They are also called 5ths or written A5, C5 and such.

This is his tutorial category. There's a bunch of tips and stuff in there that you'd probably like too.

There was talk about the unsung benefit of Guitar Hero exposing kids today to new music they wouldn't ordinarily listen to on their own initiative - kids who listen exclusively to rap, or pop, suddenly discovering classic rock, punk, and metal.

It's kinda neat seeing this open up for you, too.

Now if we can only get an edge on Harpsichord Hero we'll be set.

Yeah, though GH wasn't on my mind when I bought the guitar, I am fairly positive it had an influence on my current state.

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