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Aion Picture Post

Flight transportation between major cities. I'm tucked under the ghost-bird's belly.

Cleric Luxi, aka AlphaLuxi
Early screenshot. Noob cheetah leathers.

Post combat red-eye.

Cleric Luxi unmasked. I think she's dead sexy. Dead. Sexy.

Luxi in her newest gear. Other chars I tried out in the BG.
Super-cute Elyos dude on the far right. But like I said, Elyos.

The level 4 Warrior was Elyos too. Cute as a button.

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Can I date your avatar?

hehe... now you've got that song back in my head.

I've already spec'd what Luxi @ official launch will look like. I took screenshots of her stats to save me time.

I went for the Femme Amazon look.

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