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Wherein I praise another writer
dark star
The past two days have been a lull. I was suffering from 'oversleep'. That's my theory. I purposely slept less last night and feel 200% better.

I've been working on my next idea which may become the next story I work on. One step at a time.

I'm currently reading RealmShift by Alan Baxter.

I am in love with his writing style, to the point of envy. Typically, I'm annoyed by exposition and description. I feel like some writers do it because they feel they must. I'd rather not be bothered, and find myself thinking, shut up and get to the point, why don't you.

Wow, not with Baxter's prose. I mean, the very act of reading it truly fires my imagination. I don't mind so much that nothing is 'happening' because I suddenly give a fuck about the background.

Rare. Super rare.

His every sentence is rich, descriptive, and poetic, and his mind is dark and macabre.

Can't tell you much about the story itself yet, since I'm about 1/10th into the book, but the writing style? Superb.


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