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Puzzles! Not for old people. For serious.
Hello, LJ!

So, in the latest...


I bought this app on my iPad called 'Super Puzzles' and it took up the greater part of my weekend. Don't know if you knew this, but I LURVE puzzles. Like, on the order of 1500 to 3000 piece puzzles. I am a fucking machine when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. I get in this zone where I can just look at a piece and know exactly where it fits.

Finding a good puzzle was also an art, seeing as how the jigsaw puzzle seems to be a niche for retirement homes. The pictures weren't exactly the best, but I found some gems in my time. I remember listening to Rasputina and Marilyn Manson while solving a Dracula puzzle. (I also picked a CD to go with a puzzle, it would anchor the music to the scene... was kinda cool.)

Okay, anyway, this puzzles app. Easy to play, nice layout, good interface. Then I discover I can make my own...

Make my own?! 0.o

That turned into its own mini-game, me, scouring the 'net for images I wanted to turn into a puzzle. The highest count I can make is 500... and that's pretty intense. I turned Infestation (see: icon) into a 500 count one, and I have the border, lake, and a bit of the trees solved. Hard puzzle is hard.


I actually started to post because of something else, totally got derailed...

Part 2 upcoming.


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