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dark star
Woke up at 2am and looked at my clock like, "You just don't know the meaning of sleep in, do you?"
(For reference, I had gone to bed 6 hours prior.)

Anyway, this is relevant because I lay in bed until like... 5:30? I entertained myself with a bit of pre-writing. I should take notes when I day dream more often. Evernote win.

I tried watching In Search of Lovecraft... quite terrible, and I like bad horror movies. Proof? I watched Witchboard III instead. Big step up.

And now we arrive at 8:30 and I'm *DYING* for the world to wake up. OMG I need to go DO THINGS. But, I don't have any social activity scheduled until 10am. I'm thinking to make it a 9am event instead, but Joe asked me not to wake him until I planned to leave, so I'm like @_@

Some of my pre-writing involved thinking of a rant of what my main character would need to accomplish in order to be a lady. It's pretty scathing. I make her cry. She has none of these qualities at all.

Then I made up a lecture her late-mother gave (the epitome of lady) in which she says what makes a great occultist / demonologist (not sure if I'm going to use either one of those words, but we get the point). I pretty much use "qualities of a strong leader" and make them self-referential, but the cool part is at the end of this lecture, her mother warns against the triad of wealth, power, and beauty - because they are a prison to the soul. \m/ ^_^ \m/

Though, Philosoraptor asks, If a lady leaves her fiance to screw like bunnies with a sorcerer, can she still be considered a lady? I know, Philosoraptor is more succinct, but you get it. Well, prior to that, she was quite lady imposture. There!

And this is all pre-dawn stuff.

Who am I kidding, it's all down hill from there (here?), until about 7pm when I'm like *yawn, stretch, bye* Why bother being up at night? Nothing interesting happening. No, really. I've been awake. It's boring and I don't think well. 4am? Bloody genius. At least, I think so.

I guess I'll just write for a while or something, you know, on my story, as opposed to rambling here.

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I enjoy your ramblings here.

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