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Top Music of 2010
Lease of Life - Angra 92
There are two versions on the Aqua CD, one with the band and one just with the piano. There's 47 plays with the piano and 45 plays with the band. Combined with it being a short, beautiful piece, I'm still not done playing it into the ground.

Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom 62
As if I haven't talked about this one enough already. ^_^

Ashes - Angra 52
Also from the Aqua album.

Remix to a Remix - Ronald Jenkees 51
Home Sweet Home - Carrie Underwood 45
Misunderstood - Dream Theater 45
The Anthem - Pitbull 45
Android Porn - Kraddy 40
My Own Way Home - Russel Allen and Jorn Lande - 40
Babylon of the Orient - The Shanghai Restoration Project 36
The Great Deceiver - Evergrey 34

And special mention:
Octavarium - Dream Theater 25 plays, but the song is 24 minutes long. If this song was 6 minutes long, I would have probably heard it 100 times. Or more, because it would only have been 6 minutes long. *giggles*


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