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Checking in.

All four wisdom teeth gone. I'm doing fine. Even on the flip side of this experience, I don't know what everyone was tripping about. Even the nurse after my surgery was like, "I just knew you were going to hop off that table, that's why we had you lie here a bit."

Honestly, I could have driven myself home, but Mom did it. I took care of myself, prepared my own food, and surfed the couch until earlier this afternoon when I finally moved all my things to my desk and have been making jewelry since.

Though I 'feel fine' I know better than to actually talk... too much. I did have a pizza last night though. I was hungry, and I wanted real food. But I only ate half of it. >_>

Bad me. Yeah, whatever. Liquid food wasn't cutting it. But! To make up for that, I've been eating double portions of 'soft stuff' today so that I don't turn into a raging ball of hunger again.

No pain to speak of. Not even swelling, though I was told to expect that today.

Point being: I'm doing great. Seeing as how I had 4 fully grown in, normal wisdom teeth - there's no reason why I shouldn't be. Why were they removed? I was eating my jaw: constantly pinching the skin inside my cheek.

So, at this point, I'm just waiting until the gum heals over enough to eat real food again. I learned my lesson with the pizza. Seeing as how I didn't actually chew any of it. >_>

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I had a horrible wisdom tooth experience: they had to cut my gums away and break the teeth up with pliers and remove them piece by piece. They decided to remove a suspicious fleshy growth on my tongue at the same time. I was out of commission for three full days. I had a much quicker recovery from my vasectomy. I don't tell anyone about my wisdom tooth extraction unless they've already had theirs.

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