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Writer's Block: Rise and shine
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

I grab my phone.

I turn it on and look at the time. This morning, it was 3:50. So I then turned off the alarm on said phone. Since I had a bonus 10 minutes, I opened Twitter and began reading the night's activity on my list.

I get up and boot my computer. While that's happening I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth, putting on my eyes (contacts), and other elimination habits as needed. *chuckles*

So, with the computer booted I can start the morning's downloads of whatever was on TV that I want to watch from the night before. I then check NOAA to see what the weather is. I do some push-ups (especially if I'm cold). Push-ups, other than nice exercise, is the quickest way to warm up in the morning.

Um, then I... screw around on the internet until 4:45-5:00. That's when I take my shower, dress, do a bag-check, and then drive to work.

On the weekend, it's about the same except for getting dressed to go anywhere. Oh, and I don't wear contacts on the weekend.


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