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I feel so weird having to explain my dreams. But when you wake up crying and someone asks what's wrong...

I launched into a half-sleep description of going through this portal where there were these gumby like aliens and they were chasing me and this other person, but then a light shone through the clouds and it was reveled that they were humans and then the guy said, "We're just like you." Well, me and the other (girl, I think) took off running and screaming with even greater vigor. So I got back to 'our side' of the portal, but I think it was some kind of encampment because I was bawling and saying that I didn't want to do this anymore. I wanted to go home. But my 'boss' said that wouldn't be possible. More bawling. I felt so betrayed. Through my tears I said they could have tried communicating with us, sign language, something. Why'd they chase us like that, not saying anything. More crying. I went to bed while they went to work trying to find us housing or something. Then someone came by and said they had some houses to show us, but the guy sitting at the foot of the bed explained that we'd taken it pretty rough. I heard him say this and sat up, showing that I was awake. I said, "I feel like just getting out of this bed, but I suppose I'll be a fucking lady and put my clothes on." I then put the covers over my head and got dressed in the pajamas I had taken off. Meanwhile, the other girl in the bed with me (felt kinda like my sister at this point) stretched, and her arms touched mine, but when she pulled her hands back she like "cuddled" my breasts, and I was all like *sniffle / eyebrow raise* and continued putting my shirt on. Before I went away with the house viewing crew, I went down into this lower level-basement bathroom to wash my face up (from the crying) and it had a wall length mirror and log cabin like walls. Also the name of the room was that over played Journey song that I can't recall right now, but I recognized it in my dream.

Then I woke up. Face wet with tears.

I told Joe most of this, and he replied, in the way he usually does: "You have issues. Don't you ever have normal dreams?"

Is there such a thing really? 0.o


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