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dark star
Made it to level 30 in Rift last night. Instead of forging ever further ahead, I decided to go back to earlier zones and screw around there. Joe invited some of his old friends from others games to our server / guild. So the guild is finally filling out, even if I barely know any of those people. Oh well, I can fix that with time.

I'm writing another story. The entire time I was 'unwell' I kept rewinding the same scene over and over. I'm quite thankful it waited for me.

I tried taking a picture of the yard, but the sun was too high, and by the time it got low enough, I wasn't thinking about the yard.

My apple this morning is quite sour.

Hah. Apples. Speaking of which, we suspect the iPad 2 will not only be announced today, but that they'll say it's immediately available for purchase. Due to my new car, new computer, recent emergency room visit, and recent dent repair to my new car... I... am hesitant to believe I'd buy it... today.


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