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Pink orb
I hit 50 yesterday in Rift. That's the top level. And then I ran my first PVP instance and won. That pretty much set the tone. After reaching max level, it switches to a PVP level called Ranks.

I saw my first Cornflower in the yard yesterday. True blue is really true blue. We've had fog for the past few days in the morning, but I'm not sure if that counts for proper moisture. How am I supposed to know when to water the yard? Do I wait for plants to start toppling over? Some of the leaves are a little yellowish, but... only a few. My original plan was to wait until there's a fire warning, then water it. Also, I keep reminding myself: They're wildflowers, B. You don't have to coddle them.

I've been making *excellent* progress with my story revision. If there's anything I've ever written that I'd pick to be published it would be this one (Torment of Angels) or perhaps Twisted - if I applied as much polish to it as ToA.


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