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That only took all month. I start my new job on May 9th. Paper work, yay! -_-

I'm straddling between typing up my last story in the journal and writing a new story in a new journal.

Can't beat the magic of writing. I know, I started off typing this story and switching to writing.

It's going into my current (on going) project. The brown leather bound journal I bought in New York with the huge tree? I said I wanted to create a 'diary story' in it. Well, kinda. I'm creating a fictional occult journal. It's got workings, recipes, random notes, journal entries. So, when I'm finished, when it's full, it'll be pretty horrifying for the wrong person to get a hold of it and think that it's real.

Which is the point!

What's different about this book, which differentiates it from every journal I've kept since I made this rule in my teens... There are no dates. I date *everything*, but not this one. There won't be any reference to when anything is happening or when I made the entry. I use different ink colors and pens to differentiate sections otherwise.

I've kept a journal since I was 12 years old, so I know how these things look in retrospect. It's not a coherent tale, it's a snippet of personal observations, rants, and ideals. I even have my 'real' occult journal, so I know what that looks like. Now, I'm just marrying the two and adding in some blood, gore, violence, and sex. Fuck yeah.

In gaming news: Civilization V. Awesome.

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Civ V patch today or tomorrow, too!

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