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What happens next
Somewhere within, an echo of, "I'm only going to do one Part at a time after this."
Each time, I answer, "Not after the next one. Best to do that for all five parts."

I've finished the Storyline, changed all the subheadings to the proper calendar date. (Today is 7-Fobirk-5017 Kewday.) And thus, I have begun keeping a short weather-description of the day from here until a few months after the eclipse.

I went through and updated the place descriptions. I updated all the character descriptions, placed all my notes in their proper spot.

What happens next...

I labeled all my problem areas as I typed up the draft. I need to go through and 'heal' those, write what was unwritten, establish character motivations.

An echo of, "But when to we write it?"

It will probably never be like that, beginning to end writing until I feel a I have a 'FINAL DRAFT.' Ready for signature and approval kind of thing. Maybe. I can't think about any later steps.

So, yes, all five parts, fix all the brackets, insert needed scenes, detail, make desicions. Oh, and mood. We should start establishing the desired emotes. Ha. (Thematic beats = emote)

Current iteration:
Fix labels / address issues. Don't allow anything to be wrong, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Lots of additions on this pass rather than deletions. Details of place, character, folded into the draft.

In that regard, beginning from the beginning and ending at the end.

Consort: Draft 1 complete
266,670 is the final word count for draft 1 of the project.

Wrote 102k words this month.

So, now is the later.

I'm going to create a Scene List and Index. The Index will have characters, objects, places, and events. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow can highlight the category.

And yes, I'm going to keep it all in Scrivener though the instinct is to reach for paper. I can't carry paper everywhere. It's fun to use, but then I don't have the whole project with me at all times.

Scrivener can do the scene list with the 'notecard' view of all my scenes. The titles already tell me point of view character and a word or two about action or event.

I started this project Jan 2016. Draft 1 complete before 2017 is EXACTLY what I was hoping.

I know 2016 has been a shit show for a majority of the populace, but for me?


Writing-Plot Project Management
94k currently and nothing but writing hours ahead.

This last section has been 'pushed through' during the 'stream of conscious idea' / 'pencil outline.' / Handwritten outline-draft / Typed official first draft.

Honestly, that's the iteration I'm on. I figured it was the answer to the question: "How can I draft an entire series at once so that it is cohesive throughout?"

"I'll figure it out later." Has been a broken record for Part V.

Last night I figured out part of it. Natalie needs more of a background, something that makes her more than a whiny/scared once-abused yawn-inducing whimp. She deserves better. I found a way to get her there.

One down, like, 50 to go.

There is a legitimate later - once I get the official first draft typed. Then my ideas are a matter of rearranging timelines with the shift of a file or a Copy-Replace function.

Until then, I have two Research-Notes: Reading Notes (Ideas during a reading of the handwritten draft). Writing Notes (Ideas during this phase.)

Later. As soon as I finish typing this up, reading back over through all of it - then I fix things.

Which begs the question: And how to do I plan to keep that pile of fixes from contradicting itself someplace later? Or my memory of an event not being the final draft?

At least I know I should be asking. I guess.

I have experience in this area.

Bianca's Year in Music
Data according to

This year I've listened to 22 songs / day or 18 days of music. Every song that I have linked I feel is a beautiful, awesome, fun song. These are truly my favorite songs and artists of the year.

91st Percentile artist: Angra (Several years running)
Leprous, Born of Osiris, Evergrey, Gemini Syndrome round out the top 5.

91st Percentile Album: The Congregation by Leprous I fell in love with this band and album by accident. Personal recommendation that hit so hard on the mark that I wonder what it was about me that made this such a perfect match. That link is to the entire album (worth it), but top song for me is The Price. (I RARELY like whole albums.)

My top 3 songs of the year
Native Construct - Passage (Most aurally delightful)

Rendezvous Point - Wasteland (Most emotionally Beautiful)

As Mr. Man calls it: "Your Angry White Boy Music"
(BUT THIS SONG IS AWESOME!) (And thus, most hard in the paint)

Honorable 4th place mention: I See Stars - Ten Thousand Feet (I know why I like this one. Harlem Shake influences. Danceable.) Pairs well with GDFR by Flo Rida for the same reason.

My top musical tags: Progressive Metal, Metal, Power Metal, Metalcore, Electronic <-- that's listed in order of frequency. lol.

Grindcore death black heavy metal
Launch Week of suggested music playlists.
Spotify: Here are your top suggestions for the week.

Me: Thanks! This is awesome!

Week 2: Stil awesome, but kinda heavy.

"Kinda heavy" is a running complaint. (was)

Week after week, "I'm not that into it. Why do you keep suggesting this?!" I have listened to no more than 10 seconds of some suggestions for every song in the playlist for that week.

I was so sick of having "HORRID" uber-death-grunt-metal that I even changed up my 'songs' so that the other genres which I equally love were represented.

Here is the music I've had on repeat all week:

Archers - The Hills (45 plays)
deadmau5 - 2448 (11)
Aphyxion - Dark Stains on Ivory (9)
Journey - Separate Ways (9)
Sia - Angel by the Wings (8)
Despised Icon - Beast (8)
Lamb of God - Culling (7)
She - Abyss (6)
Nick Johnston - Sandmonster

All suggested by Spotify recently, so it's actually learned.

As have I.

I like much harder metal than I say I do. I loved 'Beast' the moment he started squealing like a pig.

"But it's really good metal" <-- I like it, and by default, it is a good thing. I've given up the search for a common thread in music I love. Spotify does a good job. I find 1-5 out of 20 tracks enjoyable a week.

To be honest, I'm no longer qualified to judge my music tastes. I have grown to appreciate one or two samples of everything. ^_^

From my #1 track this week:

I only call you when it's half-past five
The only time that I'll be by your side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I'm fucked up, that's the real me

Consort Calendar

Good morning world.

I made myself a cup of mocha (.5T Chocolate syrup, 1T cocoa powder, 1T instant coffee. Add water to 12oz mug) did some walking, and now here I am. Hopefully ready to make words and watch movies / listen to music, however that goes.

If I am to speak my mind, I must speak of my worlds.

Consort's Calendar:

It's a mash-up with Solar-Lunar calendars and Indian Seasons, Moon's are influenced by Native American naming styles.


  • Ice Moon - January

  • Shishira - late winter jan/mar

  • Bone Moon - 10 February

  • Sap Moon - March 9

  • Vasata - spring, march/may

  • Vasata Sun - March 20

  • Pink Moon - April 11

  • Beltain - May 4

  • Flower Moon - May 10

  • Gremada - summer may/july

  • Strawberry Moon - June 9

  • Gremada Sun - June 20

  • Thunder Moon - July 9

  • Marsha - wet july/sept

  • Blueberry Moon - Aug 7 (Harvest Festival)

  • Solar Eclipse - Aug 21

  • Harvest Moon - Sept 6

  • Sharad - autumn sept/nov

  • Sharad Sun - Sept 22

  • Frost Moon - 4 Nov

  • Samhain - Nov 6

  • Hemata - early winter nov/jan

  • Cold Moon - Dec 13

  • Cold Sun - Dec 21

  • Senni = Week

  • Forni = 2 Weeks

  • Masome = Month

Days of the Senni (Ghana-inspired)

  • Sola - Sunday

  • Luna - Monday

  • Bena - Tuesday

  • Yawo - Wednesday

  • Friya - Friday

  • Kew - Sunday

Why did I have to go making up a time keeping system? The aim is to strip the world of Judeo-Christian influence. Do you know how deeply this has infected all of humany? Timekeeping, laws, cultures, words, symbology.

I strip away what I discover, add something new. It's not out of some deep seated hatred for the triad. Honestly. It's a thought experiment that I started, enjoyed, and want to explore until exhaustion.

Did I mention how fun it is? It's quite fun. Our very concept of monsters can be rooted into religion. The things you fear reflect the things you cherish. So, by changing what a society cherishes, I discover new monsters.

Which is the point of consort - how do you have werewolves / demons without religious iconography?

It's not easy, for one, but the starting point is always fear. Fear of death, fear of loss, fear of pain.

Woke up this morning and chose my wreath necklace to wear. All black and gray otherwise but red crystals, silver bells, frosted and metallic glass beads of green, red, and silver.

I felt supremely festive.

It's December, but it is simply divine that November fell along the writing of Consort. I'm in the third act. Clocked 5k words on my new laptop. The keys are buttery smooth with this drum patter. And well, I know how to make the keys do this so that it becomes like a drum circle just getting to know each other. Snippets of patterns and phrases.

It's like a typewriter in that way, but more tactile than audible. Funny, given the keys are so flat.

Progress for the entire Consort project to date: 169,550. 

Westworld + Arrival
I think the teaching of a new language in Arrival actually mirrors the type of storytelling in Westworld.

The 'hosts' have perfect recall, so memory is no different from reliving. Everything repeats in full color.

This small factoid allows Westworld to tell stories about hosts who don't age and the visitors they have, all within three timelines (I think) at the same time.

And this is similar to Arrival, because it is the language that enables to conceive all of time at once.

Which is cool. 

Oh, Internet
A fount of knowledge, support, and discouragement.

Let's talk about the discouragement.

I've been walking-in-place for the past year for about 5 miles, if the pedometer is anything to go by. I got bored of it. Yes, that took a year. I have a playlist and a lap top. Walking in place was like a stationary treadmill. It didn't bother me until 1 hour of marching didn't even break a sweat.

What did I settle on? Stretching. Not just stretching - contortionist level stretching. That did not last long. A few days and I was bombarded with:
"That's dangerous"
"why would you do that?"
"You're going to hurt yourself"
"You should do something else"

Nothing discourages like 'helpful comments' like that. I'm not 'stretching before exercise' or anything else. Stretching is the point. Stretching extremely was the goal. I looked it up - yeah, stretching so dangerous. As a fun exercise, I looked up the other 'dangers.' Guess what else could cause serious injury: EVERYTHING.

That's right. Everything will kill you, injure you, and is filled with peril. Fucking kills, but that has not deterred me, has it?

Oddly enough, walking is perfectly safe. Unless you walk outside - then you might die. >_>

I'm in between. I was having fun until the 'helpful comments.' Should I take up yoga (but not group yoga, because that's dangerous.) Or stick with stretching? I was acting responsibly, taking my time, only doing a 'wee' bit more than my current flexibility.

Hell is other people, as they say. Does stretching really weaken the muscles? Could I really do myself more harm than good? If I'm not a dancer, does flexibility matter?

I don't like leaving my room. I don't like equipment. If it takes over an hour a day, I'm not interested. I still have other options. Two. Yoga and full-bodied isometric exercises.

Or I could go back to walking. No one has declared that an anathema YET.

Writing Project
Much of what I do in writing amounts to managing my stories, ideas, drafts, and edits.

I use Evernote for the managing of edits in a notebook called 'Story Work.'

Using 'Torment of Angels' as an example, the entry title is: "201402-17 Torment of Angels p"

Year and month. 17 means it's the 17th story I worked on that month.

Ordered by title, the bottom entry is the last story (of 70, at this point), that I've done anything to - edit, improve, work on. (December 2012 - That year's project was to edit and work on every single story I have.)

Now that I'm trying to post all of them online, I started adding the status flag
t - typing (a story I wrote by hand)
w - writing (new story)
d - draft (needs to be edited, status after I finish typing or writing)
p - Published or Posted

I know tags are the popular thing to do, but I can't see tags at a glance. I don't want them grouped, I need to see everything ordered. It's been working; I have a lot of work to manage. Hence, why I need to get posting / publishing this work before I die. I've been entertaining myself with my writing for 25 years. If it's still shit, then I'm in good company, but I really need to get it off my computer and in the world.

Keeping focused is my issue at the moment. Yes, I'm writing. I'm also trying to type from the three journals I filled in May, and editing stuff to publish. I've decided to go completely to .txt files instead of using Storyist. (Storyist is still good for some super disorganized novels that need better structure and characters.)

I can edit text on my phone, my iPad, my PC, and my Mac. It is also the preferred format for I considered htm and such, but that gets in the way of my goal: writing and editing. Anything that slows me down from that irritates me.

Seventy stories. Once upon a time in my early 20s I cried when I realized how much college had kept me from writing and vowed that nothing would ever get in my way of my first love.

Upside of posting this stuff - it forces me to get all my edits better than 'good enough for me' and up to 'good enough to have my name attached.' Not sure I always believe the latter, but variety is the spice of life.

My current project is to get 50 of 70 of those stories at 'p.'

As for paperback, I might do Tangled Passions, but part of me is feeling like. "Eh, I've already published two. The rest of them can be free."

I'll burn that bridge when I get there. As for today: I really need to finish the rest of Infestation. I'm near the end of part 3, and if I can remain focused, I can get part 4 up by the end of next week.

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