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So Many Pies, So Few Fingers

What happens next
Somewhere within, an echo of, "I'm only going to do one Part at a time after this."
Each time, I answer, "Not after the next one. Best to do that for all five parts."

I've finished the Storyline, changed all the subheadings to the proper calendar date. (Today is 7-Fobirk-5017 Kewday.) And thus, I have begun keeping a short weather-description of the day from here until a few months after the eclipse.

I went through and updated the place descriptions. I updated all the character descriptions, placed all my notes in their proper spot.

What happens next...

I labeled all my problem areas as I typed up the draft. I need to go through and 'heal' those, write what was unwritten, establish character motivations.

An echo of, "But when to we write it?"

It will probably never be like that, beginning to end writing until I feel a I have a 'FINAL DRAFT.' Ready for signature and approval kind of thing. Maybe. I can't think about any later steps.

So, yes, all five parts, fix all the brackets, insert needed scenes, detail, make desicions. Oh, and mood. We should start establishing the desired emotes. Ha. (Thematic beats = emote)

Current iteration:
Fix labels / address issues. Don't allow anything to be wrong, but it doesn't have to be perfect. Lots of additions on this pass rather than deletions. Details of place, character, folded into the draft.

In that regard, beginning from the beginning and ending at the end.


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