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I screamed. I cried. I rejoiced.
You better fucking believe I'm talking about Tool.

That was the best thing I have ever experienced in my life!

The art work, the lighting, the sounds, the crowd, the music, the singing, the screams, the silence, the rising and lowering of my energy levels.

I think I've been spoiled for life by Tool.

Yes. I really did cry - during Parabola when the two eyes rose up that man's chakras - by the time the eyes were at his anja I was crying like a girl at a Michael Jackson concert. I will never pick on someone who breaks into tears at a concert again. Never.

*wipes tears away from her eyes*

Did I mention it was awesome? This evening has been imprinted in my brain for eternity.

I probably won't have a voice tomorrow. My muscles will probably ache. I've probably knocked a year off my ear's life span. I do not care. I enjoyed myself so much.

I'm extremely squishingly wet between my legs. That's how charged with energy I am. (And not in a jeez, I wish I could fuck someone way). I'm completely satisfied.

*crying again*

I am going to bed now, and if I dream, may it be of my first deeply spiritual experience.

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Oh yeah!! Welcome to your newest addiction!! And yes... you will be in pain. You will be thirsty. You will have no voice. You will not be able to move your head... and yet you'll go twice as crazy at the next concert you go to.

i find concerts to be one of the most blissfuly energetic experiences one can have... even somewhat erotic at times
just unadultered beautiful bliss

I'm going with Aer. Told you ;-)

::: There :::

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