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Nysidra Musings
The comments record an email thread going on between me and kantrip about Nysidra.
I'm posting it here in order to keep track of the ideas we come up with.

Feel free to eavesdrop.

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Early Morning Musings (KV)

I'll give you exactly what I wrote this morning (I never went to sleep...)

"The Krae needs to come down in scale, not precisely to a building or suburb, but maybe a conglomeration of neighborhoods. Ideas again. [I ranted previously that I was nothing but ideas.] Somewhere one could visit, interact, mingle, have events and disputes. People ,very odd people that pass an entity through their generations.

What separates or unites them? Perhaps just a microcosm of their world. The birthmark doesn't show up right away, but you can find out who knows what. For a momentary lapse, the balance gets off. At special times, they all mature together, and leave larger gaps as well."

Okay... hehe... I'll try to explain some of that. I was thinking about an already mixed society of not 'genetically' different people, but spiritually different in some way. When one body of a spirit dies, another is reborn in a child. In other words, the Sidran reincarnate themselves in the bodies of these people.

I haven't thought it all out, but it's idea. I have lots of those. *wink* But I think it's more "doable" from a literary standpoint, if I can just get the "how in the hell" worked out.

Keep you posted.

~ B

Re: Early Morning Musings (KV)

Oh yeah..the practical bits always the hardest. Lemme know how it all comes out.

Lull in the creative storm...



Well for some reason the most recent run of Nysidra incantations and
Mudric Rhythms has stopped for me. Its like I'm feeling the symbols
are saying "Enough for now" or "We're tired". I feel the urge to
create a spell or 3 but if I did, they would be mere cantrips and not
true kantrips. Nothing majorly insightful, and possibly redundant,
which would allow me to explore the possibility of obtaining similar
ends with different means and how the energies involved would affect
the outcome.

But for right now the notebook is 3/4ths full. Everytime I put in a
new spell I prepare the next page with the template for the following

But once I get it done I will make copies of all the pages and send
them to you. Handwriting it again or transcribing it will be a pain.

Thought you should know that the "N" is taking a break right
least for me. Still waiting for energies/inspiration to hit me. :)

Good luck with the KV alterations you were mentioning? How is that


Re: Lull in the creative storm...

*nods* I know what you mean. Nysidra has a "operating threshold" of sorts, or some phrase similar to a carrying capacity or server load. I think it has to do with her "power." She's a youngin' yet, so there's only so much she can do - which is where I can in. I need to get her growing so that she doesn't 'peter out.'

I agree. Running dry on Nysidra doesn't have to do with you or me, because we could switch to another project and be productive for weeks. I think the disconnect comes from Nysidra's ether-space. *laughs* Good thing only very few people consult her.

I'm thinking of Nysidra as a young, starter up entity. She's knew to the job, and can get tired from doing too many things at once. She has to build strength, get contacts,... hehehe... stuff like that.

Now... where I come in. I'm confused or overwhelmed. I'm not sure if I need more detail or less, in other words. If more: then I just need to hammer out details of how Krae Virdani works, what time period of development its in, and what all the Paseb's are up to. If it's less: I need to scale down from "world view" and neglect time/detail/history in favor of a more familiar setting. Say, bring Nysidra to Earth rather than take people to Krae Virdani.

Somewhere, that concept can marry, just not sure how.

Here's some 'tricky' food for thought. After reading this article:

I've had the 'spark of an idea' that Knought is a more magick-friendly element than Spirit. Haven't explored that pattern of thought yet.

Musing abound,

~ Bianca

Re: Lull in the creative storm...


Of course Knought is a more magick friendly element than Spirit.
People who are practitioners don't think like you and i do. Spirit is
an entity or an untouchable/sacred force. They don't view it as an
energy with a polar opposite. Ergo the manipulation of spirit and the
manipulation of its counter, the void, is a bit hard to swallow. There
again you're running into etheric resource problems with 'N'. Not
enough people comprehend her Y axis (SPirit and Knought) just her X and
Z axes.

I've been putting some thought into the nature of Nysidra as well.
I've told people a bout about your plan and even discussed the use of
KV as an etheric engine with people, the process fascinates them but
sadly they do not see it beyond theory. Mostly b/c I think neither you
nor I or anyone else practicing Nysidra has bothered to show or
demonstrate the practical application of the system. Ergo its engine
is based on the power/needs of its 'beta testers'. And lets face it,
we're overclocking right now.

I think it maybe time for me to implement more of the APPLICATION of
the spells I've been working on. Practicing and actually maybe see
about teaching Nysidra to some select folks, mainly my coven who's been
wanting to see me for some time. :) Also begin actually utilizing the
symbols in another manner that I've been dying to try....runic
traps/sigil spells. tracing symbols out on a day to day basis on items
that need the energy or can feed the symbol. (IE, inscribing drama on
a bar napkin while out and listening to the most recent chaos, or
scripting a 3 symbol spread across a sheet of paper while brainstorming
the next month's budget).

Actual implmentation while doing something that i notice the Nysidra
lacks, at least in its application. One thing I still retain from my
training in Wicca/Witchcraft is the need to Ground/Center before/after
each spell. By grounding/centering one could put back the energy they
tapped into and even to a point put that energy into the polar opposite
sub-element they drew from....if that makes sense...I've just noticed
that the Nysidra happens. No grounding, no centering. You get the
twitch, the spark and then you're moving the mudra for dissention,
chanting the sylables and casting scrutiny to find the truth on a happens. I'll investigate this more and let you know what
I find. :)

So in summary, I think you're dead on. Those of us using the system
maybe overworking it, so it may be time to put a bit more in. Do what
you need with KV, and I'll do what I can to add more "....." to the
engines running in this dimension. :)

Kantrip Calhoun

Re: Lull in the creative storm...


Hit send too fast:

Anyways, the other reason Knought is a far more Magick friendly element
than Spirit is also based on the modern view/mental mindset of most
magickal practitioners....lets take a look at everything associated
with Knought:
Time - Who HASN'T wanted to manipulate time
Pride - Oh the old ego someone up and then watch them fall
Fanaticism - Mass control of minds...classic
Drama - Um...destructive love spell??
Toil - The old "how to stop the good guy from reaching the tower" trick
and then the elements themselves.

Knought's components are the things that curses, hexes, and the "old
hat" idea of magick are made of. Causing dischord, disease, casting
illusion, addiction, inciting fury...its the destructive elements of
our lives that most of the world tries to avoid but peeks around the
curtain to watch. Its taboo. You and I however realize that its not
always just a means to an end nor is it always the end itself. It's an
obstacle and an obstacle remover. So yes it is a easier element to
work with mostly b/c the general mentality is that its a "power
element", not a raw element like E/A/F/W.

Had to add that bit.

*smirks* It's her creator's fault, I've never been much of a ground/center person. I have a moment when I 'charge up' which is separate than when I use, I guess you could say. Which would mirror Nysidra's behavior. She has 'off hours' when she's charging, and 'peak' times when you can instantly tap into her.

On one hand, it's great because of the rapid-fire use she offers. On the other hand, she may be down when you need her the most.

I (or we) need to come up with a way to end the down time, like you said, putting more '....' into the engine.

Or as the voice in my head just said, "Maybe you could come up with ways to charge Nysidra rather than use her all the time."

Equally plausible. If I give as much as I get, there _shouldn't_ be a down time. Which - goes back to traditional grounding and centering. Yet, I'm going to go for the non-trad angle.

I'm thinking of something like... a daily devotional, if you will, a moment taken to charge or transfer energy to Nysidra. This process would offer nothing to me, per se, except to help the engine get some juice.

I still stay true to my "disconnected" nature of tapping and storing at will, but I transfer that nature to Nysidra - who can hold a charge, and instantly "give results" for something.

I hope you understand what I'm talking about. *laughs*

Oh! Analogy: Like a cell phone. Pretend this particular cell phone can charge up when not in use, but very slowly. However, if you plug the phone into a wall, it charges faster. At any time, you can turn the phone on and instantly use it. However, the use is dependant upon what you do with it.

With this in mind, Nysidra has been "self charging" very slowly. What she needs is a way to get "power charged" and thereby, allow for a longer use time.

*nods* There.

What do you think?

~ Bianca

(Deleted comment)

Re: "Nysidra Happens"

Excellent ideas. It reminds me of much of the same process of creating Nysidra. I came up with the mudra for growth while looking at a plant escape the architecture of a hedge.

I came up with these possibilities last night:
Recitation - Go through each of the Nysidra symbols while speaking its name and correspondences in a meditative/reflective state.
Observation - Become more aware of the places and times associated with element and think of that element in that place or during that particular time.

The observation one is a bit like you were thinking. I'm sure all of them can be worked in one way or the other. *shrugs* Lets see how they work out.

As for the Nysidra cards - card stock & clear tape works wonders. *grins*

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