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Phone Post: Ideas on the way home. Part 2
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“Lijens. Don't use a time frame because the powerful ones will die before the other ones come along. So if there's a Sorli that comes along before the next most powerful one does then the Sorli goes into a state of rest. Once all 36 reach their apex then the old ones awaken and the new ones join.
If there ever becomes 6 Lijens that will be epic and I'll have to do something epic with that.”

Transcribed by: nysidra
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I think there was an "a" and a couple of "the"s in there. Something about fire and ships? And I think I heard "shit" somewhere in there.

Ok... well... that didn't help. Should I be at all concerned that it actually made more sense before I could make out no more than a couple of words?

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