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Nysidra v 2.0
Nysidra is back online with accurate information. The symbols (Sidra) all have names now apart from their primary concept, which some people couldn't wrap their minds around.

Now, with that portion done...

Oh! Another idea. *giggles*

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One Note:

Ymnyzy would have all of the Spirit of XXX under her.

Gissy, Ayliz, Byte, Ingaiki, Magur, and Arrè all belong under Atraya.

You wouldn't say that Gissy was Atraya of Ymnyzy - in that respect Gissy is Air of Spirit. And Atraya includes Air and all the "intricacies" of Air.

And, as I said ealier, while babbling, Ymnyzy, Atraya, Extreje... as a whole are called, not the elements, but the Oadi.

(Deleted comment)

Re: On the Elements

As usual, when you get confused - call me or write me.

I've got the working of a book -just on Nysidra- by the time I have all this sorted out.

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