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Nysidra Essay
The following explains the Nysidra sphere and the flow of recitation I have derived:

I have two methods with two directions each.

1) Zigzag - Combined up and combined down
2) Directional - up or down

Before I explain how these two work...

Place yourself inside the Nysidra sphere.
In the "typical" order I'm going to explain where each symbol (Sidra) resides.

First, the Oadi locations:
Ymnyzy: Above
Atraya: Front (east)
Extreje: Right (south)
Ishili: Back (west)
Oktodo: Left (north)
Ustufu: Below
The cardinal directions do not necessarily have to be aligned with you, as they only apply to those in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. Apply your paradigms as necessary. Face Ishili if it pleases you, but for the purpose of explaining where each Sidra lies - go with those locations.

SS Ylia: directly above
SA Kofwa: above, 30º front
SF Clunik: above, 30º right
SW Lorelia: above, 30º back
SE Praefawn: above, 30º left
SK Revaire: above, 40º down
AS Gissy: Front, 30º up
AA Ayliz: directly front
AF Byte: front, 30º right
AW Ingaiki: front, 40º back
AE Magur: front, 30º left
AK Arrè: front, 30º down
FS Holugen: right, 30º up
FA Sarenvi: right, 30º front
FF Edeniv: directly right
FW Bwent: right, 30º back
FE Vonia: right, 40º left
FK Thorzain: right, 30º down
WS Talmont: back, 30º up
WA Nishu: back 30º front
WF Durinor: back, 30º right
WE Je'vossu: back, 30º left
WK Nysta: back, 30º down
ES Jurwa: left, 30º up
EA Choogi: left, 30º front
EF Zerroq: left, 40º right
EE Omank: directly left
EK Quinpeck: left, 30º down
KS Exigur: below, 40º up
KA Shilza: below, 40º up
KF Steramir: below, 30º right
KW Panyu: below, 30º back
KE Fobirk: below, 30º left
KK Ukoolga: directly below

With these locations in mind, here is how to recite them in an order that 'flows' through the sphere in an aesthetic manner. (Although, you'll see that it skips rather than flows... but hey.)

1) Zigzag. You move through the 'flat grid' from end to end:
SS, AS, FS, WS, ES, KS, KA, EA, WA, FA, AA, SA, SF, AF, FF, WF, EF, KF, KW, EW, WW, FW, AW, SW, SE, AE, FE, WE, EE, KE, KK, EK, WK, FK, AK, SK (SS --> SK)
The first method (above) begins with the Spirit end of Spirit and ends with the Knought end of Spirit.
The reverse (below) begins with the Knought end of Knought and ends with the Spirit end of Knought.
KK, EK, WK, FK, AK, SK, SE, AE, FE, WE, EE, KE, KW, EW, WW, FW, AW, SW, SF, AF, FF, WF, EF, KF, KA, EA, WA, FA, AA, SA, SS, AS, FS, WS, ES, KS. (KK --> KS)
The zigzag method moves up and down, up or down, along the sub-elements. The method demands a good memory of the system and "shakes up" the typical order.

2) Directional. You progress either down or up from Spirit or Knought, respectively. (down from Spirit or up from Knought)
1. SS, AS, FS, WS, ES, KS, SA, AA, FA, WA, EA, KA, SF, FF, WF, EF, KF, SW, AW, FW, WW, EW, KW, SE, AE, FE, WE, EE, KE, SK, AK, FK, WK, EK, KK (SS --> KK)
2. read the above list backwards. :P (KK --> SS)
Both of these methods progress along the sub-elements.

I prefer this method because it constantly combines and builds the sphere as a whole as I progress through the recitation, as opposed to one Oadi at a time.


I like the directional method for meditational of self-work sessions. Recite SS --> KK. Do you thing. Recite KK --> SS. This method acts as an opening and a closing.

The zigzag method feels more like a charge. One should recite two halves, starting with either part depending on the aim. Any "zig zag" method may be used. This one actually contains 4 possibilities: SS --> SK, KS --> KK, SK --> SS, KK --> KS. I could cycle through all four, actually. For SK-->SS / KS-->KK - read the other lists backwards.

I envision the 4-method as a long, 4-fold 'chant.'

Hrm, to make the system numerically sound:
1. SS-->KK Directional opening
2. KS-->KK
3. SK-->SS
4. KK-->KS
5. SS-->SK
6. KK-->SS Directional closing

Feel the burn!

The recitation will not work for its intended/initial purpose unless you visualize the symbol in its relative locations at the time you evoke the Sidra by name.

Other tidbits I will later expand on:

Each symbol is a door that leads to other attributes that only deal with that symbol. This concept is comparable to points along the Tree of Life. Comparable! Nevermind the specifics.

Each Sidra represents an influence. Say you want to skin a cat. Theorectically, Nysidra offers 36 different ways to do so, or a combination of ways.

Highly important considerations! (rant time)

Although Ymnyzy is situationally above Ukoolga, one is NOT therefore better or worse than the other. Because a Sidra is positioned directly up/left/front does NOT imply that it's more powerful/potent than the surrounding Sidra. All the Sidra are equal in strength, power, status, and polarity.

AA does NOT equal Atraya but Ayliz. Atraya refers to AS, AA, AF, AW, AE, AK, and the element/attributes of the Air element.

The hard correspondences of the Sidra include the name and symbol graphic. All others: colors, animal, place, event, body, item, food, time, number, herb/oil, and crystal/gem may be seasoned to taste or added to. My personal application of Nysidra views the colors as semi-permanent and all others as open to new additions.

For instance, Yerba Matè falls under Sarenvi now. Other catergories, like plants/flowers/trees, are out of my field of expertise. A hobbyist in that area may have immediate correspondences for the Sidra.

There is no better or worse, first or last, but the order of evolution does move from Knought, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, to Spirit in relation to refinement. No. Spirit is not better than Knought.

Each Sidra and Oadi in Nysidra has an inherently nuetral state with equal potential for polarity in either direction. Each one has a dynamic personality, not a static attribute. Each "person" may hurt or help you, depending on your need and application.

Nysidra has no child proofing.
Nysidra has no idiot proofing.
Nysidra has no cliff notes.

Nysidra may act as a [insert imagination here].
Nysidra contains a phonetic "alphabet", symbols, numbers, herbs, entities, colors, animals, and astral homes, and a "people." Hell, and a planet.

I can do anything with this system, and I do.

[/end diatribe]


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