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Nysidra Musing: Jurwa
Introduction: Odd vocabulary and grammatical murder lie ahead. I've taken up Nysidra again. I pulled a "Selbram" and did a brainstorm of that symbol. I reflected on why I chose the items I did, and what the associations meant to me. Will I do all 36? No promises, but I'd like too.

My ruminations follow.

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The symbol of Jurwa looks like a capital S with arrows, nearly flowing in the symbol of infinity, but broken. The symbol curves, bends, but it’s arrows pierce and furrow.

Jurwa represents the Ymnyzy aspect of Oktodo. The body of an adolescent human undergoes a fluctuation of hormones and surge in metabolism the age of 14. The month of September includes a variation of temperature, foliage, and the feel in the air.

Where do I experience transition? The changing room, if I were ever in one. Out of one shell, into another. Shedding work attire for play rags. Shedding play rags for lingerie. Attire, accessories, scents and visions can all be changed in a changing room.

A volcanic eruption is the event that symbolizes Jurwa. I had a hard time finally settling on that one. An active volcano dynamically restructures the land, the air, the weather, and the foliage with its one act. Death in its smoke, and life in its lava.

The food of Oktodo in its most refine state. Something soft and green, like a pear. A good pear can transform my thoughts. Pears can come in dark yellow and green, in line with Jurwa’s colors.

The sickle reaps what has been sewn. Once a cycle has come to its end, the sickles swoops across and takes up the ripeness. The sickle causes disruption from the perspective of the mature, but brings nutrition from the perspective of the reaper.

Metabolism and Hormones cause large changes in the body, mental and physical.
From death comes new life. New fire awakens from cold ashes. The Phoenix reborn from the ashes of its own destruction. The Chameleon blends, adapts, and twists its skin harmonize itself with its surroundings. Flexible, not stubborn. Moving on, letting go. Changing its colors as needed. Circle of transmutation.

Malachite, opaque, has light and dark green bands. Obsidian, translucent, made from lava, ranges from dark green to black. Pyrosulite, opaque, steel gray to solid black in color, has a common occurrence as a dull, sooty, black mass.

Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea, light golden yellow colored extract, release pressure, gases, tension, revitalize.

The green of Oktodo, rich, lush, lively. Teal soft, unassuming, fluid but firm. Dark yellow hints at the upheaval, sudden change, the quickness with which green and teal flow into.

Jurwa’s selbram looks small with a teal-green cateye. There are dark flakes along the eye, like ashes, and little air bubbles all throughout.

The mudra: Pushing the wrists down to the hips, spread the fingers of the hand wide, angling up slightly. The down motion symbolizes compression, the eruption, the cutting suffocation of death. The fingers release the energy, spring forth as life from death.
The material of Oktodo experiences the incarnation of Ymynzy.

Jurwa: To make different in some particular. To make radically different. Give a different position, course, or direction to. Replace with another. Shift from one to another. To pass from one phase to another. Extreme agitation or disorder. Physical force or energy. To make over to a radically different form, composition, state, or disposition. To alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form. A momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition.

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I'm glad you're still refining this B. I found it to be a fascinating oracle and with much more depth and meaning. It seems that you are making different yourself.


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