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Nysidra Musing: Clunik

The symbol for Clunik looks like an overlapping pair of mirrored Cs with a point in the midst of the point of overlap. As with nearly every single symbol, it just happened. The symbols had so little “intellectual” application. I didn’t question the images I drew and I think I’ve only ever changed one or two drawings from the original.

Clunik represents the Extreje of Ymnyzy. I chose the arcane number 6, but I can’t begin to bullshit why. It fits. I think of what Clunik stands for, and the number 6 said, “me too, yo.” The use of the number 6 and occultism had some influence as well. The weekend, a time when pursuits of personal importance are typically scheduled.

I chose the kitchen as a place to find Clunik. Spices, recipes, experiments, chemicals – these things are usually tinkered with in the kitchen. What if I tried a bit of this? I wonder how?

The whirlwind, ever spinning, in motion, moving things around and around. The flurry of creativity can be like this, capturing several concepts in its clutches and stirring them all up, throwing concepts together in ways that boggle and amaze. The throes of inspiration feel very much like the euphoria of a whirlwind.

Grapefruit, a good one, of course, I can eat like a peeled orange. It’s a bright, invigorating, inspiring food. It fits for me.

The tool of the paintbrush applies color to walls, canvas, objects, and ideas. You can paint the town red. Paint a picture of a subject idea. Paint a wall in a room. Paint a wooden toy. With a paintbrush you express objective and subjective views.

And well, what body part better for creativity than a hand? It goes well with the paint brush too, no? Many creative arts, though beginning in the mind, are born with action, the hands, able to form and mold and combine.

I remember when the image of a spider occurred to me as I contemplated Clunik. What animal applied originality to its design? What animal has an element of the artistic in its habits? Is a spider’s web the same or always different? I did some searching. It varies, but as a species, the spider creates beautiful designs much like snowflakes.

Carnelian. Opal. Orange Topaz. I chose all three for their colors. Some of the correspondences may also be conveniently similar, but to research and remind myself of why I -may- have chosen it will draw this musing out further than I have time for.

Dark pink, vibrant and intense, concentration on something that uplifts. Light green, the process of growth, but light hearted. Red orange, a constant, strong fire, the richness of an artisitic pursuit. When I put these three colors together… I could recall the how the moment of epiphany had touched me so many times in the past. I gasp each time an idea comes to me. My eyes grow wide, my heart races, my mind… that whirlwind.

Clunik’s selbram. I had the perfect one in my collection. It has a light coppery “metallic sheen” on the outside. Inside: Thin ribbons of orange loop in a not quite circle-orb. The center is almost clear save for a thin strip of orange suggestive of another loop. Spinning. “Orange cloud swirl” is the name I gave it.

The mudra: I cross my wrists in front of me, my left wrist being “on top” or closer to me. My fingers form two “Cs” and the backs of my hands are against each other. I’ve tried to ‘rethink’ that mudra often, but nothing else would come to mind. It fits, despite its simplicity.

Clunik: Demiurgic. Marked by the ability or power to create. The conscious use of skill and creative imagination, especially in the production of aesthetic objects. The quality of state of being artful. Freshness of aspect, design, or style. The power of independent thought or constructive imagination. Application of a mental image or formulation of something seen, known, or imagined to a pure abstraction or to something assumed or vaguely sensed. A source of inspiration or guiding genius. An illuminating discovery. An intuitive grasp of reality through something, usually simple and striking.


* Happiness is an inside job.
~ Sun Maiden Raisin


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