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Nysidra Circuitry
There are 3 circle and 3 segments that comprise the paths "through" Nysidra. It's this 'non-smooth' travel that perplexes me when creating a structure for Nysidra.

The 3 Circles:
Air -> Fire -> Water -> Earth
Ayliz Byte Sarenvi Edeniv Bwent Durinor Icelle Je'vossu Wandonta Omank Choogi Magur

Air -> Spirit -> Water -> Knought
Ayliz Gissy Kofwa Ylia Lorelia Talmont Icelle Nysta Panyu Ukoolga Shilza Arrè

Fire -> Spirit -> Earth -> Knought
Edeniv Holugen Clunik Ylia Praefawn Jurwa Omank Quinpeck Fobirk Ukoolga Steramir Thorzain

The 3 Segments:
Spirit -> Knought
Ylia Revaire Exigur Ukoolga

Air -> Water
Ayliz Ingaiki Nishu Icelle

Fire -> Earth
Edeniv Vonia Zerroq Omank

And that's the very first page on the other section of Nysidra called Essays.

Zero graphics, but I'd rather throw the page up bare rather than wait until I felt like applying the site's template to it.

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(Deleted comment)
You and me both.


-I- even slip up. Writing those out like that is practice for me just as much as it's information for others.

It's critical thought to call Gissy... Gissy instead of Innocence, because it allows a person to know the symbol by a name with a personality rather than a word that could already come loaded with prejudice.


I actually used flashcards to 'reprogram' myself. Symbol on one side, name on the other. Easy to carry around too.


Ymnyzy Atraya Extreje Ishili Oktodo Ustufu
Ylia Gissy Holugen Talmont Jurwa Exigur
Kofwa Ayliz Sarenvi Nishu Choogi Shilza
Clunik Byte Edeniv Durinor Zerroq Steramir
Lorelia Ingaiki Bwent Icelle Wandonta Panyu
Praefawn Magur Vonia Je'vossu Omank Fobirk
Revaire Arrè Thorzain Nysta Quinpeck Ukoolga


For permanent reference:

Nysidra Table

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