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Nysidra: Interesting Descriptions
I am completing my work on the Mineral / Gemstone Science & Lore compilation. When I created Nysidra, I had a limited knowledge of crystals. I am updating Nysidra to reflect my new information.

Part 1 of this process involves making a list of the symbols and answering the question, "If this was a gemstone, what properties would it have?"
Part 2: I will go through and ask of each gemstone, "If this was in Nysidra, what would it be?"
Part 3: Cross compare the list and see which ones and destined for each other.

More Adjectives:

I just finished Part 1. In doing that, I found some really "oh wow" descriptions for the symbols.

Revaire (Time): era, cycle, tempo
Exigur (Dissention): Exigency, Zero Hour
The zero hour, or 'out of time' was wonderful because Revaire is (Spirit of Knought) and Exigur is (Knought of Spirit). So they opposed each other in that sense.

Others were:

Nishu (Exploration): Expedition
Magur (Intellect): Savant
Thorzain (Fanaticism): Uncritical

And Virtuoso was a word that applied to both Sarenvi (Dance) and Magur (Intellect).

Nothing special. The above were just words I hadn't used before to describe the nature of the symbol.

Exigency scored as a "new word" for me. Definition: A state or quality which requires immediate action.
The "requiring immediate action" makes some people feel like that are being pressured, and hence, Exigur's realm - testing, pinching, Zero Hour: a time when a vital decision or decisive change must be made.



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