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Nysidra: Gemstones & Minerals & Such

I present the revised list of gemstone and mineral associations for Nysidra. I will let the list 'sit' for a day or so, in case I think of something to add / alter / cut, and then I will update all my official lists: website, database, spreadsheets, hard copies... yay!

Ylia: Crystal (Clear Quartz), Ice
Kofwa: Rock, Chysoprase (Apple green Chalcedony)
Clunik: Topaz, Opal Fire
Lorelia: Iolite (Cordierite), Topaz Blue, Sodalite
Praefawn: Jasper Red (Opaque Chalcedony), Unakite (Edpidotized Granite)
Revaire: Obsidian Snowflake, Amethyst (Violet Quartz)

Gissy: Amber, Quartz Snow
Ayliz: Diamond, Achroite (Clear Tourmaline)
Byte: Fluorite (fluorospar, Blue John), Coral, Copper
Ingaiki: Citrine (Yellow/orange Quartz), kunzite (Pink Spodumene)
Magur: Danburite, Calcite, Howlite
Arrè: Gold, Platinum

Holugen: Carnelian (Red Chalcedony), Padparasha (Pink Orange Sapphire)
Sarenvi: Bloodstone/Heliotrope (Green Chalcedony w/Red Inclusions) , Dioptase, Rhodochrosite (Red/Pink Calcite)
Edeniv: Ruby (Red Corundum), Spinel Red
Bwent: Opal Black, Turquoise
Vonia: Alamandine (Red Garnet), Morganite (Pink Beryl), Rhodonite
Thorzain: Onyx (Parallel Banded Agate), Jasper (Opaque Chalcedony)

Talmont: Lapis Lazuli (Lazurite, Sodalite w/Pyrite inclusions), Goshenite (White Beryl), Selenite (Transparent Gypsum)
Nishu: Agate tree/moss (Banded Chalcedony), Aventurine Green (Quartzite)
Durinor: Pearl, Labradorite (Spectrolite)
Icelle: Quartz Rose, Sapphire Blue (Non-red Corundum)
Je’vossu: Aquamarine (Blue Beryl), Lepidolite
Nysta: Amazonite, Jasper Mottled (Opaque Chalcedony)

Jurwa: Malachite, Obsidian Mahogany
Choogi: Cat’s eye (Polished Chrysoberyl), Emerald (Green Beryl)
Zerroq: Tiger's Eye (Hawk's Eye, Chalcedony), Hematite (Iron Ore), Epidote
Wandonta: Jet (Fossilized Wood/Coal), Peridot (Green Olivine)
Omank: Uvarovite (Green Garnet), Titanium
Quinpeck: Halite (Salt), Jade (Jadeite-Nephrite)

Exigur: Tourmaline Watermelon, Staurolite, Quartz Rutilated (Clear -> cloudy quartz + red/silver/gold/copper colored needles)
Shilza: Pyrite (Marcasite Polymorph, Fools Gold, Iron Sulfide), Zircon
Steramir: Obsidian, Pyrope (Red-black Garnet)
Panyu: Silver, Opal
Fobirk: Charoite, Magnetite (Lodestone, Spinel), Cinnabar
Ukoolga: Quartz Smoky, Sulphur, Quartz Tourmalinated (Clear Quartz + Black Tourmaline (Schorl))

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New Resource, Fun stuff

Oh, I discovered a new resource:

Additionally, The most fun part of this project:
Arguing with Lorelia, Talmont, Durinor, and Je'vossu over who gets to have Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Sodalite, Blue Topaz, and Labradorite. It came down to Lorelia and Talmont and bitching over what was more important - Truth & Beauty versus Intuition and Inner wisdom. Or me bitching about it for them... whichever.

I think we all came to a soothing compromise, without me feeling like I was shorting any of them.

You grok rocks/minerals?

Sehr kewl..

Though I don't have much of a mineral collection these days, I have over 100 different species of trilobites.

I'm attempting to grok them. *chuckles* I don't have very much on hand experience, but I'm far better than I used to be. I have a meager collection of gems, and my next step is to identify them.

A very long time ago, my aunt gave me all the specimens from her geology class as she didn't need them anymore. I kept the two bags of tagged rocks for quite a while, but not long enough. I eventually got rid of them.


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