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Nysidra Cards
I just had a late idea, the sort of idea you admonish yourself for not thinking of much earlier.
At least I finally thought of it.

I still use my old Nysidra cards. I changed most of the information on them, and some of the associations were made in error, but I still use them.
The packing tape ghetto lamination trick I used? I have failed at repeating it. I created smaller cards but they are not as visually cool. I haven't 'laminated' them, so I can't handle them as much.

It took me a long time to create the photoshop collage for the original Nysidra cards. Without lamination, the durability seriously suffers.

I did think about buying business card stock to print a simple 'symbol only' deck. I still have that idea in mind.

However, I just thought about a way to create "visually cool" Nysidra cards, and a way to have them "ghetto laminated."

Joe uses them all the time for this Magic: The Gathering decks: Card Sleeves.

[insert a ginormous D'OH here]

I can create, print, and cut out a printed picture (printed photo paper) and slip them into card sleeves.

I can also buy a case to put them in. Not that there's anything wrong with the current carrier [right of the selbram] ... other than it's falling apart and I don't think I can re-create it.

*sighs* I'd get started right this moment, but alas... I need to tack it on my to-do list.

I daresay, I'm too busy to start on it just yet. 0.o

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(Deleted comment)
Well, you wouldn't want to do it from the 'original deck' in my opinion. It's inaccurate in many, many ways at present.

I should start on the deck in December at the earliest.

(Deleted comment)
Me too, that's why I still use them, even if it is 'broke.'

Thanks for showing the images of these cards. I really like the montage designs you created for the older, larger set. It is visually striking.

"ghetto laminated."

I've used that technique to protect various things. Hey, when you're not rich you need to improvise.

Yeah, it's why I still use them even though the system has changed. "Shiny."

I'll definitely have to make a revised deck.

And of course, I'll spam my progress with it. ^_^

It's a great idea, the card sleeves. I'll pass it on to the people who make PECS cards for non-verbal kids in school.

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