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I adore vidalia onions
Not so much that I eat them like apples, but close. I put them on nearly everything I eat, fresh. Yesterday, Joe instructed me that it was better to fry them in some olive oil prior to placing them in my quesadilla. That was tasty too, but they taste just as lovely fresh.


I make a point to say vidalia onions, aka sweet onions, (Wow, they have their own website!), because cutting this onion does not irritate the tear ducts, it's sweet, savory, and well, tasty.

At least I think so.

For my future consideration:

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omg. A vadlia onion Mascot!!

...vidalia. I CAN spell, dangit.

Yeah, he was pretty freaky, but very Georgian looking. *chuckles*

I fully approve of random and/or bizarre mascots. They appeal to my love of whimsy.

I love them too. I normally don't like large chunks of onion, but vidalia onions are another story. Sadly we can't get them here year round. :(

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