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Children Of Men. Gardening. Talismans. Stuff.

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re: Talismans

I'm looking for subtle jewelry for my dreads. Right now I just wear some small earthtoned and colored beads at the end of a couple of dreads. But I'm looking into making my own dreadloc coils. Nothing fancy, along the lines of these, but of my own design with my own semi-precious gems or charm attached at the end of them.

There is a nice bead shop down the street from me, but I also found this shop online. They've got some really cute charms and beads, as well as polished shells for necklaces.

The tough part for me is finding the sterling silver wire. So far at the local crafting stores I've only found the thin wire. I'd like to get a thicker gauge.

Yeah, those who are good with wires / beads can make some great pieces. I don't have either in my skill set. Beadwork seems like something I could get into though.

It's just nice to feel like "wanting" to do something again. December was an apathetic month for me.

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