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New Hobby
Well, I've let the amulet idea bounce around in my head long enough until I came to a conclusion on how to manifest my desire to do such a thing. I'm going to teach myself beadwork. ^_^

I spent most of today studying up on the subject and found some books this evening with projects that looked interesting. Sadly, I could not find Delica 11 aught beads or a 12 gauge beading needle. So, despite my efforts to buy local, I'll be doing my shopping on the internet for basic supplies. That said, Pensacola has a great specialty bead shop. So when I know what I'm doing, I can work with various semi-precious stone beads.

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And you will be making beaded thingyies for Shadowfae to stick in her hair, yes indeed ... ;)


Oh yes indeed. I get to show my appreciation for all the pretties Shadowfae has sent to me. *chuckles*

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