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Last night, a friend of Joe's brought over his newly purchased Wii. I greatly enjoyed myself. Granted, I only played the bowling game from the Wii Sports package. I don't enjoy 'going' bowling much. I never found a ball 'right' for my hands and blegh...
Anyway, last night, I had a great time. My knuckles didn't get stuck in any holes. Balls didn't fall out of my hands, and I didn't suck. My top score was 207 and I had sparklies on my ball (for one game) for getting a Pro Score of 1000+.
I like that system as much as I thought I would.

Oh My Gods!, "a pagan based comic strip for the polytheistic masses."
Photos of real life Bambi and Thumper.

In the spirit of "50 Books in a Year" I'm doing more reading this year. Hopefully, I'll reach 50.
I finished reading The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Thompkins & Christopher Bird and highly recommend it.
I'm currently finishing up Mind into Matter by Fred Alan Wolf.
In the cue are Your Backyard Herb Garden by Miranda Smith and the Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz.

I have some thread, the only thing I could find in Hobby Lobby, a sub-standard needle, and a few Delica beads of undetermined aught. (Hobby Lobby has horrid organization and labeling of their inventory.) Regardless, I can work with it until my good stuff arrives. I've taught myself a square stitch and am currently practicing a peyote stitch. On my immediate 'to buy' list are a good pair of scissors and a crafting lamp. I discovered that the type of 'beadwork' I want to do is called beaded needle weaving. Yay.


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