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Irreality Blog
I keep a journal on Irreality, Nysidra's biolog. There's 4 posts there so far. The posts are not duplicates of what I post on LJ and more closely tied to the Irreality 'theme'.

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I had just joined there yesterday, but I'll need the time to set up my account and all. I had a tough time deciding whether to use Tamyllia or another self-created name. Tamyllia is up, but I might change my mind, heh. Probably during this long weekend I'll come to a conclusion (...holy schmoakes, Monday's a holiday!).

Perhaps I will finally cast off the laziness and shock factors and upload my workings there.

I agree that the new layout is excellent and clean, and more importantly, people there seem very solid about their workings and outlook on life. It's assuring, and I usually don't join online communities/forums. I hope I will have more time to explore it further.

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