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Darius and Amanda + pictures
I saw my two favorite relatives yesterday: Darius and Amanda. Darius was in town for a meeting for his upcoming beautillion (a summary of what that is) with the 100 Black Men.

We played guitar hero together a while, and sat around and laughed at some funny videos I had collected. I returned them to Mom's house about 1am this morning. *chuckles*

Anyway, I took pictures of them and uploaded some ones I had on the camera. (Before you ask after seeing these, I'm 5'1". :P)

Me and Amanda

Me and Darius

Darius and Amanda

New Years Eve
<-- that's what my hair looks like today after taking down what I had my hair like in the pictures with Darius and Amanda.


Joe finally found me my Nintendo DS Lite (black), so I have that now and have been playing Brain Age for the past two days. It's fun. ^_^ The game assessed my brain age as 57 yesterday, 20 being the lowest. I'm cool with that. Means I have progress to make. XD (And I'm crappy at doing math problems on the fly. >_< ) Next up: A Wii! Weee! *laughs*

Couple this with the knowledge that I received the DMAE I ordered in the mail a few days ago. (It increases the amount of choline in the brain. There's other hype associated with it.) Good nootropic fun all around.

Addendum: First day of learning how to 'play' was probably at work here. My brain age today was 28. ^_^ That's more like it.

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You are beautiful! I am lovin' those Bantu knots!

And you also have a lovely family :D

Next up: A Wii! Weee! *laughs*


You always have to remind me that you're 5'1. You have such presence and stature, at least in pictures, you seem much taller. Really, you are.

Family, games, cool hair, what's not to love?

Such cool's just such a blessing to have family nearby...mine is all in New Mexico and California. If your brain age is 57 mine must be 20...LOL! Come July I actually WILL be 57...gaaaark! How can that be? Wonder how much a truckload of DMAE is? Better living through chemistry, right?

Oh, and while I love the little curliecue knots, which are totally cool, I love them uncurled and down...makes you look numinous. Love that pink top and the necklace too. You're so pretty!!!

One o'these days we ought to get together someplace for coffee and chatter. Now that I've got my Jazzy powerchair and a willing husband to haul me around, life has improved whole big bunches. Once I dig the house out of the house cancer...stuff from storage, a truckload of stuff from my mom when she moved to NM, and the leftover losses from Ivan (we need new living room furniture), I'll have you guys over for dinner. It's great to be able to cook again...that chair is such a blessing. Do you have my new number? It's 602-7845. Call me when you're bored to tears and I'll see if I can't cheer ya up. ;-)

Re: Family, games, cool hair, what's not to love?

I just finished playing today. My brain age was 28. I'm guessing that I got a 58 score because it was my first time playing and some awkwardness at knowing what to do was involved. (Writing numbers with a stylus also got me a few wrong answers I didn't deserve.)

My cousins live in Louisiana these days, so I rarely get to see them.

Cool. Thanks for the number. No, I didn't have it yet. I'd love to get together!

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