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Jewel crafting
My evenings are filled with beading these past few days. I'm halfway through my first bracelet. I am assembling it from my practice beads and thread. It looks pretty so far.

I ordered beads for my next two projects which included a couple hundred gray and cream freshwater pearls. What can I say, I can't skimp on quality. XD

The practice thing is getting old. I'm ready to make stuff. The patterns in the books I have are simple to pick up and I'd prefer to just 'do it' and make my mistakes along the way.

I have a very good idea of what it is I'd like to make. The problem is finding people who share my ideas. *laughs* Same old story there.

However, the Russians know exactly what I'm talking about. Perfect reason to brush up my Russian literacy.

To give you an idea of what my first babies will look like, this is the book I'm creating from: Coraling Technique.

And with that, I return to beading.

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However, the Russians know exactly what I'm talking about ...

Ah - the Africans do, too.

Although it gets more complex with their stuff - not just the colors, but how many include pictures within the bead patterns, even on the most delicate pieces. It's amazing.

If I could learn how to do the Haitian beaded/sequined bottles and flags, I could die a happy woman.

I'm trying to find a close-up picture, but none do the artwork justic - it's really something you have to see close-up to appreciate.

The beads and sequins are sewn on by handd. My godmother has a drapo of Damballah's veve that is absolutely breathtaking. And I've seen how long the beading takes just for simple things (I helped my brother bead the handle of his irukere (fly wisk, made from horsetail). It is gorgeous.

Here's a link to drapo examples and a look at some bottle examples - I can't find anything on the web closer to show more detail (everytime I try and scan my books at home they don't come out very well :/ )

Edit</i>: Here's a close up of a bottle. The flags are even more detailed.

Oh... I see! This all comes down to genius of design. I'm going to guess (as best a fledgling newbie can...) that the stitch is actually quite simple. The true craftsmanship is in the patterns created.

I've seen a few sample 'pattern sheets' that look like honey combs you can color a design with, but again, you've got to know what you're coloring. *laughs*

Time is the #1 resource. *laughs* This bracelet is easily 8 hours of labor, if not more.

As for the jar there are 'tubular' stitches that are designed to be created around a 'form' (such as the jar, or a tube, or a ball).

If you've got the patience and a eye for meticulous detail, you could do this. Oh, and time, lotsa time. *laughs*

The stitching with the sequins is quite beautiful!

Hopefully I'll dig up some Caribbean / African techniques while I'm scurrying around for patterns.

*fingers crossed*

Have you tried Babel Fish?

Oh, that works beautifully, but once upon a time I spoke Russian with a good deal of proficiency. So I thought it a good excuse to brush up. If these designs really are cultural, I'll want to invest in a few Russian books with additional patterns and stitches.

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