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Full circle
Friday afternoon I was coughing. Dry cough, occasional. Came once an hour.
By Friday evening it had accelerated to a hack, oh, and I was cold. I remembered thinking, "What do I have to do to get warm around here?" I started to feel a foreboding sense that I wasn't going to get out of bed tomorrow. Joe didn't believe me, but I know my body.

Saturday, *sigh* cough, headache, muscle ache, fever. Signs of influenza.
I broke the fever twice with something that probably won't make sense to you. A hot bath. Yup. Hot water for 30 minutes. Makes you weak as hell, but the fever breaks. I had started humming. Joe said I was even doing it in my sleep.
Fun fact about me: If I have a fever and I am humming, my temperature is perilously high.

Sunday. I had been using painkillers for the headache and muscle pain. I had been taking vitamin c. I had been continuing to take my vitamins. I had been taking some cold medicine Joe was giving me. On Sunday, I stopped all of it. I was tired of taking pills. All of them.
So... around Sunday evening the 'flu' part went away. Quoting myself, "I feel like I have pink eye in both my eyes." They were weeping, red, and swollen. My nasal cavity was stuffed. So... cold compresses fixed that.

Monday. Coughing. Sneezing. Occasional water coming out of my eyes. I ate a sandwhich. Apetite returned.

Today. Coughing. Dry cough, occasional. Comes about once an hour.

Tomorrow I should be just fine.

If, by the end of this you're asking, "Why didn't you...?"

My answers would make no rational sense.

Feels good to feel better.

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Rah, glad to hear you're feeling better :)

btw expect a random Sutekhian visiting your teamspeak from time to time if that's ok with you?

Yeah, no problem at all. I'll probably be in there this evening.

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