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dark star
The reason the military and the police are kept separate is for the protection of the people. The military fights enemies of the country. The police protects the people. If the military became the police then the person doing the protecting would start treating its citizens like enemies of the state. [It's a random snippet I learned that's been rattling in my brain for a few days.]

What undiscovered corner of the internet has any of the 16 of doctor who's classic seasons? I'll trade you information on season 1 of Rome, 3 seasons of House, and 2 seasons of BSG. Plus a bunch of other stuff you probably weren't looking for. Oh, and a full season of Torchwood. No downloading required. Seeing as how my teamspeak idea is largely a waste of $10 (nothing ventured...) then I've been keeping myself entertained with streaming video of things I'll never turn on the television to see otherwise.

I'm nearly done with my first necklace. I had to dismantle my 2nd bracelet. It was too large. Yeah, which means there's a first bracelet. It's just fine, but I haven't uploaded pictures.

Joe found and purchased a Wii. I haven't played it yet. 1) I was still weak when he got it. 2) I'm too busy making jewelry otherwise.

I made myself ginger tea last night, from ginger root. If it were not for my sushi eating, I would have been shocked at the taste. It was like drinking liquid ginger, complete with the kick.
I made Joe some.
Joe: "What is this shit?"
Me: "It's ginger."
Joe: "This is not ginger!"
Me: "Yes. It is. If you ate sushi... wait.... you don't."
Joe: "Have you ever had a gingerbread cookie?"
Me: "This is ginger. Real ginger. Not just the spice."

Needless to say, he didn't drink it.

So, I need to alter my prep in order to make only one cup at a time. The method I found for making it yields 4 cups.

Wish I knew about ginger tea a week ago. Oh well.

Interesting thing about weakness. Oh the first day when I wasn't sleeping 18 hours of the day away I would get tired just standing up telling Joe something funny that just ran through my head. My heart would start racing and I'd tell him I was going to sit back down. I took Max outside and walked in a circle in order to 'exercise' and when I got back in the house, you'd think I'd just ran a block.

All of that passed the day after, but it was an interesting feeling. Quite alien to me, but I know it's quite familiar to a few people I know. I rarely fall ill, but when I do I watch every facet of this. How this feels. How that feels. How odd that is. I don't wish so much for it to be gone as to hold onto exactly what its like in that moment, and to realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have to spent every moment feeling it because I won't for another 4 to 5 years. Why try to remember? Because some people feel it every day, or every other. Because empathy is my only saving grace. I know that for one day, I couldn't stand up for more than 5 minutes, and for some people 80% of their waking existence is like that one day. I 'languish' in it because I'd forget otherwise, and I want remember. The sun only shines so bright when you know how incredibly dark the night can be.

But seriously, I'd like to stop coughing any day now. Me to Pumpkin last night, "I only cough when I laugh, which actually means I'm still coughing a lot."

Yeah, teamspeak thing was a poorly executed idea. I should look into audio books or something, since I'm truly just looking to be entertained whilst I craft.

I had fun shopping yesterday. I was even laughing while in the grocery store, right before the pharmacist told me that my birth control was $5 off thanks to the ~$60 taken out of my paycheck every two weeks. Anyway, I had fun because I was just getting a few things we needed and a bunch of things we didn't. I gave up trying to find a meal to make. I thought of what I wanted: Chili cheese fries, and that tickled me. I bought fries, chili, and cheese (okay mac and cheese). It wasn't what I thought it would be, fyi. What a horrid decision though. I bought the other thing I liked though. Wheat spaghetti, garden vegetable sauce, frozen corn, and pimentos. MY instant spaghetti. No one can fuck with it. It has vegetables, which means Joe won't touch it, and I can eat off that for a week, easy.

I had potato and [cajun shrimp] soup for lunch today. That stuff was tasty. I don't know how to make soups. Honestly there. Mom thought soup represented poverty and made it only in the winter months and only two. Chicken soup from Thanksgiving leftovers and broccoli and potato soup because it took a year of me asking for it before she caved it and made it. Soup is only for winter, she'd say. What a crock. Next they'll say grits and eggs are only for morning. I think I could be a soup person. Easy stuff. Pour in a bowl. Heat. Eat. Fuck? What in the hell is that I ate? Small. Mudbugs... crawfish! I had crawfish and potato soup. Damn, I'm scatterbrained. I think I'm going to have soups for lunch. This guy makes a different kind each day. If I learn what kind of soups I like other than broccoli potato then that's a good step to making them on my own.

Oh yeah, soups have vegetables. Why waste all that time on making something only I'll eat? Where'd my selfish gene go?

What do you think the max text limit on a journal entry is?

I should stop before I think of something else that was on my mind.

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totally off topic.. damn that is a beautiful icon.. where did you get it and what does it mean to you?

N.M. Smith, my favorite digital artist. The only one to unseat Luis Royo after all these years.

He uploads his work to (His gallery). He's very gracious about all his stuff, doesn't mind it being downloaded, even gave my mother permission to make prints of it and didn't want anything in return.

Ah yes, second question. What does it mean to me? Beauty. Chaos. Symmetry. The universe in a grain of sand.

> The reason the military and the police are kept separate
> is for the protection of the people.

I go so far as to say that ex-military people should not be permitted to become cops unless they can pass an intense psychological screening evaluation.

Ginger tea from root is awesome. If you like that, then I'd recommend you try ginseng tea from root as well. Very tasty.

Man oh man do I ever disagree with the opener.

The military and police should be one body?

Because, that's the only point of the opener (that they shouldn't).

With the premise that the police are meant to protect the people. And the premise that the military fights enemies of the country. Though they do sometimes do these things, it's more of side effect.

In this country the modern police force was born of a need to put down the social unrest of poor people with no rights working in the Northeast and controlling slave and free black populations in the south. Now in the present we have cops harassing and driving homeless people out of public areas because they are "bad for business", arresting and putting down groups exercising their rights to protest, to say nothing of the widespread problem of police harassing and abusing folks of color.

The modern military likewise first and foremost is there to further the interests of corporations; a la the military industrial complex.

In this sense both branches are part of the same institution, enforcing the rule of law which largely exist to benefit the ruling class.


I knew that was your reasoning, just wanted the pleasure of reading it.

It's like I learned in economics, you have to work with "givens" even if, in a real world situation, you hardly ever encounter such pristine conditions. So, my premise, worked on the petri dish definition of military and police, even if you hardly ever see the real thing. ^_^

I think you might like to pop over to doctorwho_eps, but you didn't hear it from me.

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