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My Beaded Jewelry
Okay, I uploaded pictures.

From newest to oldest:
Lagoon, bracelet. This is the one I undid and had to remake because I made the first one so large it fell off my wrist. I still ran out of beads, but I did a little improvisation at the end.

Seaweed, pearl drop necklace. Yeah, that's an ironing board I have it sitting on. Best thing I have for it at the moment. It looks nice on, but it's quite finicky to handle.

Wading Pool, bracelet. I made this one with the practice beads I had.

My next project is a full set - bracelet, earrings, and necklace.

All of the above and my current project is coming out of the Coraling Technique book.

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Wow, I wasn't expecting pieces so lovely and intricate. They are awesome. I think "Lagoon" is my favorite.

those are all very nice.

i admire so much that you set a goal & you meet it. what was it, a week or two ago, when you wrote in your journal, "i'm going to teach myself how to make beaded jewelry". and, ta-da!! but i'm sure a lot more hard work goes into it than that. congratulations.

also, how neat that they base the shape off a shape in nature (like coral). i love how you've carried that theme into the names (seaweed...lagoon) awesome!


Your jewelry came out beautifully! I noticed that you seem to have a magnetic clasp on the first one (those are so great for bracelets!)
I'm really impressed that these are your first pieces. You certainly have the knack for it!

Yes, it's a magnetic clasp. I used a hook and eye one for the necklace. Thank you very much for the compliment. ^_^

woooow.. Those are really beautiful. *boggles*

Gorgeous! No, really!!! You've got such a wonderful sense of color and design. Wow...I really need to get back into beading's one of the crafts I haven't freecycled yet. I've got a tutorial on coral technique somewhere in one of my bead books.

Jewelry-making and pottery...can't give them up. ;-)

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