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Patience and then some
I'm taking a break from weaving beads into a necklace to talk about weaving beads into a necklace.

When people have looked at my stuff they often comment, "That must take a lot of patience."

Yes, it takes patience, with this and crocheting. Handling 6-10 feet of thread fresh from a spool on a tiny needle with tiny beads... yeah, but that's no big deal to me really. I like intricate stuff. A craft like bead weaving and crocheting takes things other than patience.

They require an ability to follow instructions. The instructions aren't always clear, so they require the ability to figure out what the fuck that picture plus those words are actually telling you to do. It's like a puzzle, especially with old books and such.. Puzzles. They are fun. So, not so bad either.

The most important thing required for both beading and crocheting is integrity.

If any of you do any craft that's intricate enough to call for patience, then I'm fairly confident you already know what I'm talking about.

Integrity is when you look over the last hour of work on your crocheted blanket and realize you did a double when you should have done a single and you ask yourself... "Does this matter?"

Integrity says yes and you unravel an hour's time in order to fix a mistake NO ONE would have noticed but you. In fact, if you finished the blanket you would never find that mistake again.

Okay, maybe it's either integrity or perfectionistic attitude. Whatever. It's required.

With beading it's a loop made with 4 beads with it should have had 5. It's one loop four perfect loops back and hardly noticeable. I'll undo it. No one will know. I'll never find it again, but I'll know it.

Anyway... back to redoing the past two hours. *grins*

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You bet. I've been there and I agree. You'd never look at the piece and feel really proud about it if you know there's a mistake there, somewhere, even if you can never find it again. =)

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