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Beading... of course
I hope the beads I ordered come in today. I'm cranking out stuff fairly quickly now. I ordered enough stuff for about 7 projects. That should last me the next two weeks. But from the 'extras' I should be able to make at least 10 more items. See, if a project calls for 25 grams of beads, I usually order 30. Thing is, the project had my back and already overestimated the amount of beads I'd need, but that's good. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had anything to make the set I made last night.

I really don't like 'simple' stuff. Being done with something in 3 or 4 hours isn't very satisfying at all. I read "start with quick projects so that you get a sense of fulfillment." All I get is a sense of having had a quickie and not getting off. No. I much prefer to spend 2 or 3 nights working on something. That's an accomplishment. Intricacy. Patience. Detail. Not string 15 beads, add a clasp and call it a day. BORING. Remember. I'm doing this to entertain myself, and I'm voracious.

I got this one book that was pretty disappointing. All of the necklaces were small. They'll be great for using the beads I have left over though. So I can make the best of that.

I have one pattern that I'm pretty jazzed about, an Egyptian-style collar. Now that's fulfillment. XD I won't be making it in the same colors though. But it's like #7 on the project queue, so you won't see it for a while.

See? It's better that I post every 2-3 days. Less subject saturation that way. *chuckles*

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I love that Egyptian collar!

(when I think of you I often think of Aaliyah as Queen Akasha in Queen of the Damned (although why in the hell did they have to straighten her hair and gave her funky bluish eyes :/ *sigh*)

Woo woo, Good thoughts!

A headdress is definitely on my to-do list. I just need to build up the experience to design my own.

Now, you know why she has straight hair and blue eyes. They are the ultimate symbol of beauty. *chortle*

Now, you know why she has straight hair and blue eyes. They are the ultimate symbol of beauty. *chortle*


You remind me of Aaliyah, though - the shape of your face and your build. Like my grandma would say "You look like her people!"

Yeah, I liked her a lot. I cried when I learned she died, and ... I don't shed tears about death often at all. We were the same age so it kind of touched me in that aspect. She had accomplished so much in such a short time and died before I could even graduate college. I would have loved to have been 'her people.' *smiles*

2 degrees of separation.

Okay, so I was perusing her autobiography...

"Gladys Knight is Aaliyah's aunt through marriage. She is the former wife of Aaliyah's uncle, Barry Hankerson."

My grandmother and Gladys went to college together in Atlanta. Mom has a picture of them 'chilling' together. She signed a picture for her after she got famous.

So, I'm like 2 degrees(?) from Aaliyah. *chuckles*

Re: 2 degrees of separation.

LOL! That is cool as hell!

I don't think we've got any famous connections in my family ... My Dad grew up with the Jarreau family, so he knew Al Jarreau (but they didn't hang out together because Al was younger than they were, lol!)

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