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Stuff Box
So I got my shipment of beads in. Just in time. I also realize with 4 bracelets, 4 necklaces and 2 sets of earrings that I need some more organization.

I have this "stuff box" it's in a plastic box in a drawer. Think of it like an odds and ends tool box. I have things in there from high school. It has... screws, thumb tacks, straight pens, mechanical pencil refills, needles, threads, spare keys, folded scissors, tape... You get the idea. Even plant fertilizer, little pellets. I go there when I need something and sure enough, I find what I'm looking for.

You know what I found today? A baggie full of buttons. Every time I get new clothes I take the extra button and place it in this baggie. For years. I looked at that bag and saw a treasure trove of creative clasps.

I even have this bit of sticky tack from college. I used it to put up posters.

I have a 'box box' too. It a box full of boxes and bottles. "Things to put things in" I call it. Whenever I need something to hold something else, I go there. Empty jewelry boxes, vitamin bottles, glass bottles, containers.

No point, just thought I'd talk about my stash of random stuff.


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