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Beautillion Pictures + 2 Beaded Pieces
Okay, due to technical difficulties, I couldn't get the pictures others took. Which is a shame, because of the few pictures I did take, they looked like butt. Oh well, better than nothing.

Me in my dress. The bracelet I have on is one I made that evening. It's called Midnight, no pic of it yet. Oh, the hair isn't permanent, my sister used this steam powered thing to flatten my hair and Mom curled it.


Mom & Amanda

Katrell and Darius and (???)

Dudes: Joe, great uncle Calvin (Mom's brother), Darius, Dana (husband of Sonny's daughter), and great uncle-in-law Sonny
and seated is my great aunt La Violet (Mom's sister, Sonny's wife)

Oh, and the only other picture I got of Joe that he didn't delete.

Beaded Pieces:

Emerald Princess

Purity, a gift for a special someone ^_^

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I love the blue dress you are wearing, you look lovely - and you have such a beautiful family!

(p.s. tell Joe he looks great in his suit! :D)

And "squeeeee!" @ the bracelet! :D :D :D

Beautiful family, beautiful jewelry, beautiful you! I'm glad the event was a success and that you and Joe had fun. I'm in lust with that necklace. You are becoming quite the accomplished bead artist, m'dear!

Is there any significance to the gorgeous outfits that some of your family is wearing?

And the beading is just glorious, as always.

One of the sponsors of the beautillion (Darius' grandmother in law) owns a African clothing store. She provided the formal wear for the beaus, their escorts, and their parents.

Aah. I was just wondering if it had any symbolic meaning or anything.

We have a lot of African immigrants here.. and I always find their dress so intriguing and pretty.

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