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My Sister's Pictures
These are the pictures from my sister Christina's camera from this weekend.

She's a better 'taker of pictures' than me.

A few pictures of note:

Mom (Patricia) and Punkin (Ramona)

Christina and Punkin

Me and Christina

Mom, Amanda, Christina, Darius

Punkin and Katrell

Me & Punkin ++ cuteness

A picture of us at Mom's house, and a really good look at the further awesomeness that was my dress. *chuckles*

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Gorgeous family!

I love the pics of you and your Mom and you and your sister :D

a review of family history for me, if you will indulge me*:

mom is your bio gramma, whom you are closer to, and punkin is your biomom with whom you have your differences, and kattrell is the aunt with whom you get along relatively well, and amanda & darius are cousins whom you enjoy the company of & whom recently visited you & joe?

did i get any of that right?

*family dynamics fascinate me, esp. after working in cps where you are theoretically supposed to be studying families

Close. ^_^

Mom in my bio-grandma, yes, but by law, she's my mother. She adopted me.
Pumpkin is my biomom with whom I used to have differences. We're very close now, but I feel like she's more of my sister than my mother.

Christina, my sister, there's like static electricity bouncing off us when we're near. We try to get along, but we end up bickering with each other. I'd say we don't like each other, but we make an effort.

My aunt and I do get along relatively well. She's cool.

Darius and Amanda are like brother and sister to me. I love them most, and yeah, they come by and visit me often. Darius, Amanda, and Katrell all live in Louisiana now.

Pumpkin and Christina live together in Atlanta. (Mom 'evicted' Christina when she was 16.)

Fun fact, at one point in time all of the above mentioned shared the same house hold for many years. Mom is Mom to all of the above mentioned, I'm the only one with adoption papers though.

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