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Jewelry pics
The gallery has been updated.

The three pieces, including one that is WAY too beautiful to give away, is under the cut.

Midnight This is the bracelet I wore with my evening gown. It's royal purple, not blue. The camera did both my dress and this necklace a disservice.

Orchid Falls I sold this one yesterday. Orchid Falls, I hardly knew thee.

Coral Snake "Love is 20 hours of labor." That's how long it took me to make this one. This is Stormy's birthday gift, which is tomorrow. I nearly thought I wouldn't finish in time. This thing is fucking beautiful. I took 4 pictures of it just to be sure I got one that will capture it the best I could.

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Want 'em ALL (but esp Red Tide =) )

Absolutely beautiful work!

Ooooooooohhh... Oh wow..

*shy* You take commissions..?

Oh man the coral snake is gorgeous =)!

Indeed I do. ^_^
and thank you!

Oooohh.. *hops from foot to foot*

I'm thinking it's time to squirrel a bit of monies aside.. I'm of a mind to commission you to do a set; necklace/earrings/bracelets...

I already have a few ideas.. *purr*

Actually, I'm thinking I may be commissioning you for a set that would be part of a costume for this year's dragoncon =).

I'll be here when you're ready baby.

If you want to look at materials I order from I've used Seed Beads - Delicas, Swarovski crytals / pearls the most so far.

I have a great deal of patterns I haven't even tried yet, so if you need help realizing a concept, just let me know. ^_^

OMG! These are amazing, lady! The Orchid Falls is to die for, and they say in the coral snake world, "Red and yellow kill a fellow." ;-)

god.. I love them all! You do some fucking great work, woman.

I really like these, B. You see so much "ho-hum" beadwork, it's nice to see some good stuff. Keep up the good work. Speaking of which, did I miss something, or where are your twin updates???


Nothing missed, I failed to make them. I get tunnel 'attention' when it comes to my projects. I'll be sure to make one though. ^_^

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