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Sweet Freedom
hell yeah
So, after being royally screwed around by the cluster bomb that is Nextel<->Sprint's website...
I started out by trying to just find a phone to upgrade to, and then went through the hellish registration of my account online...(Sprint has no record of my account, everytime I sign into myNextel it logs me into mySprint), I gave up and just called Nextel, using the number on my bill. The number on the website has no record of my account. *rolls eyes*

"How much longer do I have on my contract?"

"Your contract has already expired."

*laughing* "Thank you so much."

"Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No. You've already helped me a great deal. Have a good day."

Sweet Jebus in a menagerie. I can finally go back to Cingular, or whoever else is willing to offer the most for my 2 years of contractitude.

Now... I can make lots of revolting faces at the phones and plans currently offered.

My usership amounts to maybe 150-250 minutes a month online. 95% of my phone calls amount to Joe calling me to ask "Where are you? / Do you want anything to eat? / Do you want anything from [current location]? / What time are you coming home? / Could you pick this up for me?"

Those questions are probably 100 minutes a month alone, seeing as how Joe calls me about 3 times a day to ask the above. All under 1 minute of air time. The other 5% is Pumpkin or Stormy.

That's all I use my phone for. Most of my outgoing calls amount to, "What did you call me for?"

So, I'm not really inclined to pay any exorbitant amount for a phone that plays music, takes pictures, checks e-mail or any of the other utterly irrelevant functions for a device that allows people to make sure I'm alive, coming home, and not hungry. My current phone has a convoluted method for sending a text message that has successfully turned me completely off the entire process. Stormy and I used to text message each other faithfully. It took me 6 months before I learned how to even send a message. I really hated that phone. My older phone was nearly perfect in construction. I never had a harsh word to say of it. *sniffles*

To put one of Joe's voice-mails so eloquently, "What do you even have a cell phone for?"

Because without one, I wouldn't have a phone number, and phones can come in handy on occasion, even if I don't bother keeping it with me, or at a volume where I can hear it ringing. Actually, I keep my phone on vibrate. I really abhor hearing it make any noise at all, even if it is Fraggle Rock (yes, my ring tone).


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