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Pictures for j00
dark star

Stormy wearing her new, lovely coral snake necklace.

I call this one Olive. That color pattern is all me. *flex*

Rolling Ocean - This one is Pumpkin's. It's the same basic design as the Red Tide except I added white opal crystals with an abalone sheen. It sparkles like a disco ball in the sunlight. She's going to love it.

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stormy's eyes are just the right amount of red in that doesn't look unnatural at all, esp. wearing the lovely snake necklace. like she is channeling snake energy or something.

i really love the coral snake for it's less delicate design. i would only trust myself to wear something like that without breaking it.

question: does it feel like a snake? if i recall my most recent snake-petting experience (about a month ago), snakes are smooth like plastic beads, not at all slimy.

another question: there is a rhyme about the coral snake & some other snake that looks like it. one is poisonous & one isn't. do you know what that rhyme is?

Yes. It feels like a snake, cold and smooth. I know, I've held one. That used to be Stormy's snake, by the way.

Red on yellow, kill a fellow. (Coral snake)
Red on black, venom lack. (Milk snake)


again, just.. wow.

I'd commission something but I have nothign to go with somethign that fancy and gorgeous. *laughs*


Pics of me wearing "Purity" will be coming this weekend :D

Love the Rolling Ocean/ Red Tide design. Love. It.

I'm especially impressed with the coral snake design, and I know those take forever to do! All of your pieces are just stunning.
Are you selling online too? If not yet, you should consider it!

Do you get your supplies online?

Yes, from fire mountain gems. I try to order 15-50+ things at a time, major discount that way.

I buy most of my clasps in town. I really need to touch and look over the ones I buy. Between the two stores here, I usually find something nice.

Cool.. Making much of a profit? I kind of gave it up because I wasn't making much money on it.

Right now I'd say I was breaking even. I've been using the money to reinvest in more beads so, no plush pocket lining as of yet.

It's only been 2 months. I'm overjoyed just to be having fun at it.

Do you use patterns?.. I like the Olive necklace pattern. How long did it take you to make?

Yeah, I'm using patterns, getting a feel for all the different methods of weaving. The Olive necklace pattern was done by me (tracing paper FTW). The pattern was only 2 colors. I found it here It's called the 200 Necklace. $.99 ^_^

As for time to make, about two evenings or about 10 hours.

I love the snake coral necklace. Maybe over the next few months I could bribe you (cough cough) to make me one. I'll send you dimensions for my neck, as I'd like one that is close to a choker ...but not quite. I'm sure I could paypal you the funds ...and you could send it to me here in Kuwait! Or maybe we could make some sort of trade if you can be bribed ...maybe something exotic and from the middle east? Hmmm...

Let me know!

~The One and Only Jaye

Yeah, I'm set up to accept paypal, and I'd gladly ship it to you.

Thing is, I'm on this "never make the same necklace twice" kick. So, while it could be a coral snake pattern, I'd change it up some. This one comes to mind, darker red, longer sections.

E-mail me at nysidra@hotmail with your desired length / address and I'll get back to you with a quote. ^_^

Actually, it doesn't have to be just like the coral snake. I think I'd like red, white, and black the best. The more black and red, the better! I guess you could say that would have more significance to me, anyhow!

I'll e-mail you when I get my dimensions and the like. We'll talk then!

The Jaye

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